IS 318 - District 14

Just wanted to add IS 318 to the list as a possible location for a middle school DLP?  I know that the building is under capacity by about 400 students right now, and the administration has been open to offering French in the past.  It's a great school with a lot of resources, and is right on the G / J / M / Z lines.

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    • Thank you so much Fabrice for this debrief and for believing in it and fighting so hard for our kids and community. We share your frustration...I just wish we could help you more!
      I hear their point on not willing to let these kids leave the D15 but here are my few thoughts, for what they are worth:
      - ps20 kids: these kids are already out of D15 anyway as the school is in D13, and live too far from is136, so IS318 would basically be the only option for them;
      - ps133 and ps58 kids: most of the families who expressed interest for Is318 in the list we gathered actually reside either in D13 (our case for example) or D14, so are out of D15 as well de facto; can’t they look at our addresses to cross check their data??? So there is no reason why they could force us to stay in D15 anyway, and expect us to join Is136, a school that was not even in our list because too far from our homes.
      it is not going to happen, they are going to lose us anyway (either to private or charter) or they are going to be the ones responsible for nightmare over 1h commutes for all these kids...which I am sure they don’t want either.
      I am more and more thinking that this could become almost a law case if they keep pushing...
      - they shouldn’t see IS318 as a competitor of IS136; IS 318 should just be seen as the only DLP option for at least ps110 and ps20 (and ps3 and ps5 in the future); we can’t build all these elementary DLP in north brooklyn without anticipating creating a middle school continuity; just like BHS and IS136 are the continuity for PS58 and PS133.
      It is not one or the other, we need both
      We have now 6 elementary DLP schools in brooklyn; it only makes sense that we need 3 DLP middle schools as a continuity for these kids.
      This is probably our best line of defense and the least controversial in reality. It is not against D15 at all, they just owe it to all these D13/D14 families.

      This is indeed so frustrating...
      Please let us know what you think we should do now to keep supporting your effort the best way and put all chances on our side...
      Should/could we have some parents represented when you meet with Anita Skop maybe to help you represent our interests and share our perspectives?
      Sorry for the lengthy email
      Thanks again
  • The same people are now telling me they want to wait for the appeals process to be over before scheduling a meeting. I don't have a great feeling about this. I will change my strategy and talk to Alicia Winnicki directly as I know she wants to see a French DLP at IS318. I suggest that all families in this group send her an email showing their interest.
    • This is great news Fabrice! We sent email to both yesterday, fingers crossed, keep us posted, thanks!
    • Ok will do send an email for sure; should we also reach out to IS318 principal directly? Is he interested in a DLP as well? Thanks

      Windley Leander


    • I'll send an email and advise the PS 110 parents that aren't on this board to do the same.  Did they happen to mention if they knew WHEN in June we would hear from the appeals process?  It's a long month, and I hate to tread water for another month. 

    • This FAQ about the MS appeal process indicates that results will be released in June, nothing else:

      It it is my understanding that the chances for getting a better option through the appeal process are null. So it is a pity that Fabrice needs to wait for several weeks before that meeting. I also heard that during the Summer there is no activity because the schools are closed.

    • I wrote Alicja Winnicki and will meet with her tomorrow Wednesday at 4pm.

      Please send your email to both 318's principal and her to express your interest

    • Will do! Thanks for the update, Fabrice!

  • I heard back from Anthony Pizzillo They want me to be part of a meeting between Superintendent Watts, Winnicki, and Skop to go over options. No date set yet but soon. I believe they need this extra step to reach a decision...  

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