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Many parents brought up the points of eligibility, language screening and priority to DLP students with regard to admission to BHS in 2019. I post it here for this group's information. Comments and clarifications may be added below so that current and future DLP parents understand the situation.



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  • This is the heart of the matter.

    Last November and December I called and emailed so many people.  And since then I've emailed these same images to more people.   No one even acknowledges this issue.    

    The directories were printed before the D15 plan was adopted, but they were updated digitally.  The image Fabrice includes here includes the 52% set aside, obviously after the adoption of the plan.

    Now I see this update on the D15 plan -- which again covers everything BUT the dual language priority.

    I used to think this was a year one mixup - now I wonder if it's intentional.  Parents wanted the language screening, but CEC or DOE didn't and silently omitted it?   Is that possible?


    • Do you mean by suing? I don't have much experience with legal cases. Perhaps the families who want to choose this path should seek counsel.
    • sorry no I don't mean suing but have an honest conversation with them, acknowledging their was a slip up

      and holding spots for families interested in BHS as priority in the appeals, that would be a way of fixing it for now.

      And then for the future years following uphold the guidelines they set up for admission.

    • I agree strongly with this idea to mobilize and demand a response from the DOE prior to the appeals decisions.  Is there a way that the families who appealed could write a collective letter and meet with someone in admissions?

      Frankly it feels like a waste of time, effort and resources on the part of all of us, including school administrators, to try to start a DLP in another middle school when a school exists. I'm concerned that starting another program undermines the one in existence at BHS. I'm also aware of the challenges of starting a DLP, especially at the MS level. While IS 318 may be open to the idea, they already have a number of programs (band, chess, honors, etc). I'd like to be more optimistic, but it's late May already.  Perhaps they could offer French as an elective or an after school program, but that's hardly a replacement for an IB school that already has a French program to support various levels and offers things like a week-long trip to France or Canada. 

    • I think the proponent of D15 diversity plan are eager to show that their plan has worked. They know that there are holes in their plan. They are very attentive at the moment.

    • The rhetoric going around that proponents of DLP are opponents of diversity plan and therefore racist is not only juvenile but steers attention away from the issue.  Why can't anyone acknowledge this?

      Essentially it means that the available seats for DLP at BHS were less than in previous years.  It does not mean that no seats should have be reserved for those meeting diversity plan preference groupings. 

      Does anyone know if the students who applied though burrough wide process were also identified for diversity plan preferences? that means that 52% was set aside twice?  With the lack of transparency here, one can only guess. 

    • thank you for this information. In my experience with NYCDOE, dual language is never a priority unless it serves ELLs. In which case, the Commissioner’s Regulations (CR Part 154), "to meet the educational needs of English Language Learners (ELLs)/Multilingual Learners" kicks in.

      CR Part 154 Comprehensive ELL Education Plan (CEEP)
    • Yes Fabrice we have had to fight with our own school at PS133 for the past years to receive the minimum amount of French but in the Diversity Plan of equitable admissions rule #3 was to give priority to DLP children, they inforced rule # 1 and 2.

      If they wrote this in as part of the admissions and didn't do it, shouldn't they be held responsible ? 

      All the DLP families were banking on this, if this had not been part a lot of DLP families would have made different decisions. Why can we not hold de DOE and CEC responsible ?

  • That is the crux of the issue- what was advertised and done were not in line with one another. To the point where even MySchools, the system we applied in, told us to be on the lookout for an assessment at the time of application. 

    This utter lack of accountability by the DOE is gross. And the fact  that higher ups have no idea what is going on (I have written to chancellor's office 3 times) - they are ignoring it completely, or they just don't have a clue (Karen Watts) shows what a poorly run system we are operating in.  I also asked the enrollment office for some transparency into my daughter's lottery number,  and some indication of how the lottery was run, counts for preference groups, any indication of how her # played out with regards to the overall metric- no response yet. Charter schools allow for absolute transparency around lotteries, the DOE, who are opponents of charters, should take note here.

    I wonder how those who met any of the three diversity plan preferences were identified and prioritized as well- did they only pull ATS data to identify these kids prior? They may have missed those who came from non public or non NY schools whose information was not in the system. So did they screen for these preferences to ensure not missing anyone? All this to say, there is no way they ran a fair and equitable process for anyone, if their methods for identifying students relies on broken systems and processes.  I also heard that kids from SLA were tagged as coming from Brooklyn Friends in MySchools because that school was not even uploaded into the system in time. And add some flagrant address fraud to the mix, and it is no wonder schools are segregated- the whole admissions process is opaque, utterly mismanaged and in my mind fraudulent.  

    It appears now that there is perhaps some murmurings of being able to 'assist' with the appeals- I am more interested in them admitting fault and fixing the mess they made, and pulling from the pool of kids who would have otherwise been eligible. . If that means rerunning the whole thing, so be it, we have time.  If it means they 'fix' it next year, do we sue? Or is the fix that they will not screen for BHS or any other DLP again? Is Mark Twain next? How on earth will they preserve specialized programming if they don't get their s**t together (pardon my French:)) 

  • There was a lot of confusion around this when we applied in December. I called BHS, the district and the DOE and got different responses. The school seemed to believe it was open to D15 in a random selection, D15 seemed to believe that it would be open DLP students. I was also told that it was printed up before they made the final decision on the diversity initiative and the booklets were wrong. Clearly, they chose randomly without considering the DLP French programs.

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