August Update?

Is there any update on new programs launching this fall?  Did IS 318 happen?  

As of right now, we are still without a dual language seat.  I'd love to get recommendations for tutors or classes (online or physical) so we can carry on on our own.   

I'm open to coordinating a class either independently or with EFNY or another organization if it makes sense logistically.   My son is registered at City School of the Arts in the financial district - so I'm looking in that area or Brooklyn, where we live.

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  • We are a group of DLP parents 4th graders at PS110 going to do their tour at 9am. We scheduled it specificaly tomorrow with the principal who will attend and answer our questions regarding the French implamentation he has potentially in mind. People welcome, its going to be 1h15mn.

  • Hi,

    Sorry for the long absence.

    I am back to work this week after a couple of health issues. I was contacted by the new principal of MS136 who needed some guidance about her French dual-language program. She confirmed that the program will be offered. She currently has 10 kids and a teacher. I have asked her to schedule a meeting so that I can help her more. She is trying to recruit more families and apparently she has no problem recruiting from out-of-district.

    Also, I  will reach out to 318 to find out what they need.


  • Hi Julia,
    Yes looking for the same as well. I will reach out to a couple of people who may know some teachers.
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