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Des artistes francais, basés a Paris, jettent un coup d'oeil sur Big Apple

Emmanuelle Fevre

“Emmanuelle Fèvre fait partie d’une nouvelle génération d’enfants (…) (pour laquelle) les images ne sont plus perçues comme des reflets, mais comme des constructions. Elles ne sont plus ce qu’on regarde, mais ce qu’on transforme. Et l’ordinateur équipé d’un logiciel de traitement d’images se plie parfaitement à ces préoccupations.»
Serge Tisseron

Cyril Anguelidis

"L’impression que l’on ressent face à ses oeuvres est saisissante, il y a la texture de la peinture. Et en se rapprochant, on cherche la toile, le châssis, les coups de pinceau."

Eric Turlot

Artists on view at http://dorothysgallery.com

Text from dorothysgallery.com

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    Email burexny@gmail.com

  • Alexandre Guillaume. New York Abstract Art - http://www.elevenart.com
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  • Vernissage demain soir a 3 Wooster Street http://www.newyorkinfrench.net/events/emmanuelle-vroelants-art
  • Abstract Painting NewYork

    Affordable Art Fair New York, Alexandre Guillaume. New York Abstract Art - http://www.aafnyc.com

  • French Art Gallery in soho. Opening Friday April 2nd, 6-9pm


  • Ce Soir-Tonight. Gallery Opening Night! 6-8:30pm http://www.newyorkinfrench.net/events/thursday-night-gallery-opening ou sur facebook http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=338308574924&ref=ts
    Thursday Night Gallery Opening
    Pavillon d'Art Contemporain has set up all these Sculptures and Paintings of Nudes by French artists for the public's viewing pleasure. Feel free to…
  • eVolo | Architecture Magazine - #2

    Architecture and Design Magazine for the 21st Century. Organizer of the Annual Skyscraper Architectural Competition

    All Barnes & Nobles in USA.
    Library in France, United kingdom, Canada... etc.

  • Alexandre takes the speed and impatience that we experience in everyday life and cultivates it into his work.
    He gives a constructed image of his painting, with a shift,a covering,
    a control which prevails in its wake some visual asperity, details or linear black elements,
    creating an abstraction with its texture of medium and its ambiguous forms that are the ones of an intense painter.

    The colors are not garish spectrum, its nuances are not scientific mixtures,
    richness is not the colorfulness or multiplicity.

    The fewer forms there are in his plane compositions,
    the more it will be beautiful, right and direct.
    Rigor, clarity and strength does not exclude the sensitivity.

    Alexandre doesn't use the variety of palette of naturalists, he does not use
    half-tones, the closer tones,
    are an extreme precariousness in time, only the maxima contrasts interests him.

    The gray behave to him as fragments of neutralizing space.

    His painting is more a relationship between the viewer and the work,
    sensory fusion between the work and the receiver.
    Far from any verbal definition, the experience of everyone is very intimate.
    The right way to look at his painting is a genuine marriage of senses.
    And in marriage as in painting, not to consume is a cause of nullity.

    The viewer knows better than anyone to translate the deep beats of their inner world.
    New York Opening Reception December 10th - 6pm / 8pm.
    @ Tria : The Suchman Bart Metheny Gallery

    Where > Chelsea : 531 West 25th Street - Ground Floor #5, NYC 10001
    On View
    Dec. 10th / Jan. 22th, 2010.
    Gallery Hours > Tues. to Sat. - 11 am / 6 pm
    Information contact > info@triagallerynyc.com - 212 695 0021.

    New York Exhibition
    @ Chelsea 32 Art Gallery

    Where > Chelsea : 531 West 25th Street - Ground Floor #5, NYC 10001
    On View
    Nov. 21th / Jan. 10th, 2010.
    Gallery Hours > Mon to Sat. - 11 am / 8 pm. Sunday by App. only.
    Information contact > rachel@chelsea32.com - 212 695 0021.
    Paris Opening Reception
    December 16th - 6pm / 9pm.
    @ Peirce Gallery - Metro George V

    Where > 4, rue Quentin Bauchart - 75008 PARIS
    On View
    Nov. 26th / Dec. 19th, 2010.
    Gallery Hours > Mon to Sat. - 2.30 pm / 7 pm
    Special Night View Thurs & Fri. 9 pm
    Information contact > contact@galeriepeirce.com.

    Please feel free to contact me if you need any information.
    Alexandre Guillaume
    abg Art Battery Group ( members) :

    NYC Art Collective - Emerging Art and Creative Collaboration : ART BATTERY GROUP
    Art Battery Group was founded to give to all kind of emerging artists, the opportunity to showcase their artwork, share their ideas, projects and new…
  • Priscille Vincens displays her energy and gesture in the galleria of New York City

    Paintings from France

    Opening Night: Thursday December 3, 5.30pm to 7.30pm

    Synchronicity Fine Arts

    106 West 13th Street – New York, NY 10011

    ''Painting is more than expression for Priscille Vincens. It is a ritual act revealing the magic and mystery of the moment of art creation. Since she was a child, Priscille Vincens has always spent her free time painting. After a serious accident, she was left crippled, but still alive and able to take charge of her deep desire to paint. (...)

    Her hand is guided by forces she has to obey. Like a messenger of hope in the violence of a painful time, she lives each of her painter’s gestures as a caress which could nevertheless have the magical power of the flint with which the prehistoric men hollowed the bones of their precarious memory, the power of giving birth to a still unknown part of the world, the power of taking part in the still and forever uncompleted creation.

    More information


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Jeune enseignante en danse fraichement arrivée a New-York, je suis a la recherche de personnes qui entendraient mes projets. En effet, forte de mes 10ans d’expérience dans l'enseignement de la danse en France (Cannes) et la création de spectacles,Je reste convaincu de l'importance de transmettre mon savoir auprès d'enfants, d'adolescents et de jeunes adultes dans cette langue qui nous est commune, le Francais, afin de faire partager pleinement ma passion pour la danse et l'enseignement. (Jazz,…

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Cadeaux Spéciaux et Artistiques pour une Bonne Cause

Chers amis, Le jour de noël s’approche à grands pas! Avez-vous fini de faire vos achats? N’oubliez pas un cadeau pour vous-même! Voudriez-vous un cadeau spécial et artistique pour une bonne cause pour la nouvelle année? Que diriez-vous d’un calendrier photographique pour aider les orphelins vivant avec le VIH? Les photos sont prises en Chine ou dans l'Amérique du Nord par des jeunes photographes et artistes chinois vivant à New York. Tous les profits de la vente des calendriers seront versés…

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Michelangelo’s Marble Boy Finds New Home at the Met

New York, September 30, 2009—The Marble Boy, a fragmentary marble statue of a nude young boy attributed to Michelangelo, will make its way across Fifth Avenue from the headquarters of the French Cultural Services in the United States to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. France has agreed to loan the intensely lyrical work, the only statue in the Western Hemisphere widely attributed to the Renaissance master, to the American museum for a 10-year period, as a symbol of the strong ties of friendship…

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