I'm a writer for a New York-based online magazine, called  We do a weekly feature called "Sex Advice from..." in which we ask a particular group of people general questions about love, dating and sex.  You can see a previous version here:

This week, we are doing, "Sex Advice from the French" and are looking for native French citizens, whether they are living in France or elsewhere, to answer a few questions.

If you are interested, please email me this afternoon at Dabrams at Nerve dot com.

Thank you.

Dan Abrams

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  • and So you are looking for some piece of advice ?

    as a male on my opinion if you are expecting having a true story with a woman you must :

    respect her
    listen to her very carrefully,
    never play a role, be yourself and sincere
    Pay attention to each details, the colors she likes wearing, note her birth date, the day you first met her
    what she likes drinking, eating
    but the most important thing is to be able to make her laugh...
    Give her the impression (and it must be true) that she is the most important thing you care in life.
    she must be for you the first reason why you are living (before your job, hobbies, friends ...Etc)

    in France we used to say that :
    "impossible is'nt French"
    "a woman whose laughing will soon be ready to go in your bed"

    We are all living for being loved by someone
    in a couple love is visible by the simple fact of watching them smiling or looking to eachother

    Love doesn't cheat, it's something pure and you can't describe it in simple words.
    i simply hope that Love is all we need (as would sing Mr Lennon)...

    NB: i'm a poor lonesome French Biker expecting my next Muse

    Take Care
  • Hi Mr Dan Abrams,

    it's always funny to me listenning or earing that we French have an International good image of all of those things you're talking about.

    Sure French people are interested in a lot of things : good Wines, cooking,
    Did you know for exemple that in France we have something more than 450 different cheese

    je suis convaincu que nous sommes nombreux et nombreuses en France à cultiver un espèce d'esprit épicurien
    The main idea in fact is : really enjoy life in everything...


    Loïc Delaroque
  • Hi
    I really don't have anything to say, except a word of warning for Frenchmen going on their first date with an American woman: it's going to be worse than a JOB INTERVIEW. Dress properly, act like a gentleman (walk around the car to open her door) and be ready for the grilling of your life. It's best to be prepared for all sorts of questions (What's your favorite dessert? Why did you part with your wife? Do you use condoms?) and make sure you don't give a "wrong" answer (I hate dogs. I got fired from my job. I don't believe in God.) On the other hand, it's all right to sound a tad exotic (I like to take more than a week's vacation at a time. I drink wine with my meals, not before or after. Trains are better than planes for travelling short distances.)
  • hi !
    yes i'm a french 25 years old man and i'm available if you want to ask me your questions ! i'm in manhattan until sunday if you want to see me email me i'll be glad to help you ! philippe
  • Ask away... and will help:-)
  • what could we do for you?

    I am 54 years old. Male.

    If you need my opinion, please ask your question.

    Alami Binani
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