Bonjour à tous,

I think this question could be for french girls in here --I'm a beauty editor (mais une francophile at heart!) and I try to read as many french magazines as possible. Unfortunately, a subscription is so expensive and reading online isn't the same as in paper (bit old school, huh?) so I was wondering, do you know where to get single issues of beauty magazines (not Vogue or Elle) such Marie Claire, Glamour, Be, Madame Figaro, in french of course?

I've seen a couple of Marie Claire Maison at Barnes and Noble but that's not what I'm looking for. If you ever pass by one, please let me know! I'll really appreciate it :)



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    • Try the Hudson News in the main terminals in NYC, Grand Central, Penn Station, there.

      • Salut Soe,

        Tu pourrais devenir membre de French Institute Alliance Francaise (FIAF) (a pricey $95 per year!)

        http://www.fiaf.org/membership/individual.shtml  (but many benefits if you take advantage of all the membership has to offer)

        and you can use the library all you want (including borrowing all the french magazines you love - they have a wide selection - I think you may borrow them for at least two weeks, sometimes three.  They also have lots of french films (DVDs), CDs and of course plenty of books.  They also carry all the main french newspapers for daily consumption. You can read the magazines at home and make copies of the articles, fashion that interest you most and then return them. Greenest solution, I think...instead of accumulating magazines that you end of throwing away once you're true with them anyway.  The news shop at the corner of Spring and Lafayette also has a wide selection of foreign magazines. 

        Take care,


        • Et merci a Sandra pour sa longue liste de kiosques.

          • avec plaisir!!

  • Hi Soe,

    A subscription to Marie Claire is 50€ / year.

    I will be back to NYC soon, if you want some magazines from france, tell me, i could bring you some Glamour, Be or other one...

    Bonne journée,


  • Hi !

    There is a big library inside the Grand Central station where you can find French and British Marie Claire and Glamour.

    I saw French magazines near the Moma as well but I can't remember where exactly...

    Bonne lecture !

  • Hi Soe,

    You don't need to be a girl to be interested in beauty... :-) I don't know where you can buy these magazines in French in NY because when I was there I couldn't find them in French.

    I think the best way to get what you're lookin for is to find someone in France whio could buy them for you. Maybe you can subscribe to these magazines online here: http://stores.magazinecafeny.com/-strse--dsh--Fashion-Magazines-cln....

    Hope it helps!





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