Bonjour à tous,

I think this question could be for french girls in here --I'm a beauty editor (mais une francophile at heart!) and I try to read as many french magazines as possible. Unfortunately, a subscription is so expensive and reading online isn't the same as in paper (bit old school, huh?) so I was wondering, do you know where to get single issues of beauty magazines (not Vogue or Elle) such Marie Claire, Glamour, Be, Madame Figaro, in french of course?

I've seen a couple of Marie Claire Maison at Barnes and Noble but that's not what I'm looking for. If you ever pass by one, please let me know! I'll really appreciate it :)



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  • Hi,

    The international magazine shop near Union Square has a good selection of French magazines-the store is near Sephora but recently moved across the street.  Hope that helps 

  • Merci à tous!!

    I will definitely check some places while strolling in the city. I find a website where one can buy single issues, but the shipping costs more than the magazine itself.

    I just pay for a digital subscription to Glamour Paris, which was about $10 and I can read it everywhere with or without internet connection thru Zinio Reader. Of course, if not the same that the papier one but I get more information than in their website...and it saves me a lot of space in my apt!

    Once again, thanks so much for your great recommendations! aaahh the things a francophile does! ;-)

  • I think the News Agent on the Westside of Park Ave South b/w 17th and 18th Street has them....I think?

  • Hi Soe,

    To follow up on Magali's response, FIAF's Haskell Library offers about 100 periodical titles in all areas of interest. The fashion magazines and feminine press offered include Marie Claire, Vogue, Elle, Femme Actuelle, Modes & Travaux, Vie et Santé, Art et Décoration. You can link to the complete list of titles here: http://www.fiaf.org/library/periodicals.shtml 

    You have to be a FIAF member in order to borrow library materials. Magazines can be borrowed for 2 weeks and may be renewed up to two times. In addition, the most recent issue of any magazine is held for consultation only in the library until the next issue is received. Therefore you are always guaranteed to be able to read the latest issue in the library; afterwards, it goes into circulation and may be borrowed.

    An individual 'Associate Membership' costs $95/year but there are discounts for seniors and academics ($75/year) or for people 25 years or younger ($35/year). There are many additional benefits to becoming a FIAF member. Click here to learn about all the privileges of FIAF membership: http://www.fiaf.org/membership/index.shtml


    Ronda Murdock

    Library Services Manager



  • ipad did you try?

    they have subscription and your turn the page like a magazine.

    love to meet you


    • definitely – The Magazine Store: Broadway @ 63th Street (près du Lincoln Center)--- again all mags are pricey but if you want to splurge once in a while c'est un bon endroit

  • Around the World Inc., near Bryant Park, specializes in international fashion magazines. (I think they have hundreds and hundreds.)


  • Hi soe,

    Ithink you will find your dream at this adress, and you can also read french magazine at the FIAF (2nd level).

     Hotaling’s News Agency¨
    142 West 42 nd Street/ 630 W 52nd St
    – Hudson News Kiosk¨
    753 Broadway (au sud de la 8th Street)¨
    – New-York State News
    1243 Third Avenue entre 71st St & 72nd St/ 112 East 86th St entre Park & Lexington avenues/ 151 Amsterdam Avenue entre 66th St & 67th St¨
    – Kiosques des gares: 
    Penn Station et Grand Central¨
    - S.S. International News¨
    405 Sixth Avenue (au niveau de West 9th Street)
    – The Magazine Store: 

    Broadway @ 63th Street (près du Lincoln Center)
    - Foreign Magazines : 

    906 2nd Avenue, entre la 48th Street et la 49th Street.
    - Union Square Magazine Shop :
    200 Park Avenue South entre 17th St & 18th St
    - Universal News and Magazine : 
    977 8th Avenue @ 57th St / 676 Lexington, à l'angle de la 56th St/ 50 W. 23rd St

    XX Sandra

    • thank you! Awesome list.

    • This is great info as I have been looking for Le Parisien and Figaro newspapers as well as other French magazines. I am still looking places that would have these publications out here in Eastern Long Island.

      Thank you! :-)
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