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    Je travail pouyr une association francaise OSEF pour promouvoir l'anglais au Canada et nous cherchons a developper au Etats-Unis principalement sur la region de New York un programme d'echange en réciprocité pour une durée d'1 mois durant l'été, je suis a la recherche de personnes qui pourrait parler de se projet et trouver des familles d'accueil ainsi que des élèves américains qui seraient interressé pour participer.

    Voici l'information ci-joint sur notre programme

    Bien amicalement

    Ludovic LENFANT

    OSEF FRANCE-U.S.A., Inc. Organisme Séjours Educatifs Français



    If you are between the ages of 13 and 17,
    you can participate in a cultural and linguistic exchange in France

    O.S.E.F. France-Usa (A non-profit Organization – Law 1901 for Youth and Sports organization in France) invites you to discover France, its culture, and improve your French language skills in French.

    OSEF France-Usa has been organizing linguistic exchanges with Ontario since 1995 and since 1998 with Alberta and British-Columbia. OSEF France-Canada started organizing exchanges with the United States in 2007. Every year we send about 600 students to Canada on our exchanges.

    You will spend the month of July in France and return home with your exchange partner at the end of July. Your French exchange partner will return to France at the end of August. Exchange students are carefully selected and all documents are reviewed. While in France you will experience the daily life of the family.

    We have the support from the French Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York. Or

    This program is made possible with the collaboration of the volunteer coordinators. The Association promotes foreign language learning, personal growth and development, increases awareness of another culture, and fosters a global perspective.

    The cost of the program is $ 3800. .

    The cost covers the selection of your exchange partner, a one-day preparatory meeting in your home region and the host country, international air travel with escort(s), two days in Paris with visits of the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, the Champs-Elysées and a boat ride on the River Seine, hospital and repatriation coverage and permanent contact with an OSEF representative. A $ 400 deposit is required with the preliminary application form ($ 200 non refundable if cancellation less than 60 days prior to departure).

    Extended payment dates can be agreed upon at no further costs.



    136 Rowland Street 25 Quarry Road 62 Ridgewood rd
    Patchogue, NY 11772 Simsbury, CT 06070 Glastenbury, CT 06035
    Tel. 631.742.0904 Tel. 860.651.3631 Tel. 860.657.3398
  • Ah ! On a tous des défauts comme des qualités, c'est pas si grave si les étudiants français sont soi-disant "nuls" en anglais ils se rattraperont plus tard xd
  • The article is interesting...especially the part where they discuss that the scores "a l'oral" are especially weak...can this be a consequence of the teaching methods used in French schools? Are students not getting enough of a chance to speak in classes? Maybe it has something to do with the differences in the phonetic systems between the two languages...
  • oui ! c'est bien vrai .....
    • That's a response that does not address the question. According to Le Monde, the students in France who study English as a second language do not do as well as many of the students in other countries who also study English as a second language.

      Nowhere in the article are there any statistics of students who study French as a second language in the United States or anywhere else. So your comment, while intending an insult to Americans, does nothing to reply to the crux of the article. Feel free to do so, if you want.
  • I think I have the beginning of an answer to Robert's article:

    • I'm sure this must be a real "gut buster" of a joke somewhere, but it sure doesn't make any sense in English, my native language.
  • Pour se rememorer nos annees college.....

This reply was deleted.

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