Learning French through Music

Fifty songs to learn many different aspects of the French language through music.

Singing your way to fluency.


My name is Vincent Lebrun. I am a Belgian musician, singer/song-writer based in Brooklyn and I also teach French.

In the past few years, I have composed many pedagogical songs to help my students learn French in a fun, efficient way. Songs to learn vocabulary, verbs and conjugations, expressions, grammar, and many different aspects of the French language. The songs are fun, varied, and feature many different styles of music.

Now, I want to professionally record and publish the first 50 songs, make them available on a website for easy download, along with the lyrics, and on CD's.

Recording studio time is extremely expensive and good musicians need to be paid.

So, I am launching a fundraising campaign to help support the costs of this venture.

Your help and support will be greatly appreciated.

Please, check out the link here for more information.


Thank you,


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