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The Division for the Advancement of Women of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs is looking for a short-term moderator/translator (FR<>EN) for an upcoming online discussion on gender, education and employment.



The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) will consider “Access and participation of women and girls to education, training, science and technology, including for the promotion of women’s equal access to full employment and decent work” as the priority theme during its fifty-fifth session in 2011.


To contribute to preparations for the session, the Division for the Advancement of Women of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs will organize an online discussion on the linkages between women’s and girls' access to and participation in formal and non-formal education and training, and their equal access to full employment and decent work, from 7 to 20 July 2010.


The online discussion aims to stimulate interest in the CSW priority theme; to provide a forum for discussion between different stakeholders; to identify measures taken and good practices that strengthen the linkages between women’s education and employment; and to identify gaps and challenges requiring further action.


Work assignment

The consultant will undertake the following activities:

- Translate the webpage introduction and questions from English to French

- Facilitate the discussion

- Translate participants’ messages (or summaries of lengthy messages) from English to French, and from French to English

- Cross-post translated messages in the English or French discussion threads

- Draft a brief report, in English, that summarizes the online discussion

- Translate the report of the online discussion, after clearance from DAW, from English to French


The consultancy will be undertaken between 6 July and 22 August 2010.


Location of assignment

The consultant can be based in any country. He/she will need access to a computer with a good internet connection.


Desired profile

- Experience with online or other facilitation

- Experience in French to English and English to French translation

- Excellent English and French drafting skills

- Knowledge of issues related to gender, education and employment is desirable, but not required


To apply

Interested individuals should send their CV and samples of translations from English to French, and French to English, to at their earliest convenience, and no later than Sunday 20 June.

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  • Avoir eu ces renseignements plus de trois jours avant la fermeture des candidatures aurait été bien. Cependant, mieux vaut tard que jamais. En tout cas, c'est fermé depuis le 20 juin et c'est trop tard maintenant.
  • I f by a magic I would be able to catch this job with no have money. I wait for all in 2014.
  • i look for a job thank you ELIANE FALLEK
  • Ok, thanks, Sibel.
  • You would need to type the symbol @ where '_at_' is. '_at' is usually used to prevent spam emails.
  • Hi! The e-mail address to reply to for this job is not clear, can you please clarify? Thank you!
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