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A friend has asked me to help him learn French this summer.  I teach middle school students and would love some suggestions on how to best help my friend.  He works in the wine business, has already studied a couple of other languages.  Any suggestions on materials/books/ Cds that would help us?

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  • If he's motivated, "Une Fois Pour Toutes" is a good workbook for grammar and vocabulary. It has you do LOTS of examples, and has the answers at the back so you can check yourself. For speaking and pronunciation I recommend the BBC world languages website. They put you in various scenarios and have YOU do the talking after they give good examples. Then you can listen to yourself for immediate feedback. They have different levels so you can pick what suits, and it's free. Some of the CD's out there (and there are lots, and they can be expensive) have really bad accents that should be avoided. Berlitz's is probably OK, but without listening to each different brand separately, it's hard to tell the wheat from the chaff, there is so much of it.
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