Dear Sir or Madam,

I believe success requires creativity and ability to adapt but also discipline and sharp organisational skills. My education at New York Institute of Technology and Inseec Business School Paris has prepared me to meet these requirements. My strong academic background focuses on communication, advertising and marketing and my previous internship experiences will allow me to make a significant contribution to the offered position.

In terms of PR, I have today a good editorial in French and English (writing press kit Arthes Inc bound for MTV), and a good relationship with journalists. In addition, methodical and rigorous, I will use my skills to carry out the projects I will be put in charge of.

I am used to work under pressure in a competitive environment. Thanks to my communication skills and great capacity to learn, I am able to perform well in my role and immediately contribute to the organisation.

Available from January 2013, I am at your disposal for any interview. I look forward to hearing from you in due course and thank you for your time and kind consideration.

CV - Melissa G.Marra.pdf

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  • Hi I cant actually help you for the job but I'm trying to find a job in new york and might do a master next year ... I saw you studied in New York and had internships I just wanna know if you find it hard to find a job in new york even after studying there ... My fiancé will be living there as well so I don't want to be sent off when my master is finished ... 

    I really hope you can give me advice and that you will find a job :) 



    • Hello Sylvia,

      Once you will finish your studies in NYC, you will be able to apply for the OPT. The OPT is a permit to work in the USA for 1 year. Finding a job is difficult in NYC , but if you have experiences and a good degree it will be ok ...

      Good luck,


      • Thank you so much for your quick response :) I am hoping to get the experience when Im doing my master (internships and free work experience) and then i will apply for the OPT is it hard to get? is it what you have? What type of job are you in? 

        Sorry for the questions but it is so hard to find people answering and telling their stories :) i have been to new york for a while and i miss it so much .... 

        I want to do a master in early childhood bilingual education to become a french teacher for little ones so hopefully as they want native french and I know friends doing this it might help ... 

        Thanks again 


        • Hi Sylvia,

          OPT is not hard to get. You just have to have a good file :) I do not have it anymore, I graduated 2 years ago and went back to Paris.

          I am actually assistant account manager here in France and hope to go back in NYC as soon as possible. I am looking for a position in the beauty industry..



          • Oh sorry i don't know why i thought you were still there silly me :)  

            I had a look at your CV I'm sure you will find a job in new york i wish you all the best ... and have a look at Chanel they often have internships and jobs there and they love french as you can help them on the import export my god father has a shop in New York I'm hoping to maybe get help from him even though i want to be a teacher but love fashion! good luck all the best,


  • Hi,

    Just some leads on your job hunt. I'm sure there'll be some openings by or for January 2013.

    Bonne Chance.


This reply was deleted.

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