Hello! I would like to know if there is interest in having a French Dual-Language Program in Astoria, Queens. I live in Astoria Queens and have  a 2 year old boy who we are raising to be trilingual.

We currently speak French and Spanish at home, and he gets some English in toddler classes.
As we think about our schooling options, we realize that there are no dual language programs in French/English in our area.

If you are interested, please respond to this email. I would like to get a sense of how much interest there is, and if you are interesting in spearheading this project.

Please email me your level of interest (I.e. yes I am interesting in sending my child to a dual language program, or yes, I am interested in being involved in making this happen!)

Many thanks,


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  • Hi Diana,

    I don't know if this would work for our son who's 6 yrs old now (he did Kindergarten in the dual program in PS151)

    but I would like to see a such program in Queens. I am actually thinking about talking to the principal of PS150 in Sunnyside about it since PS 150 already has a successful bilingual program in Spanish.

    The principal in PS151 didn't promote the program so even the French-speaking families (a large Moroccan and Algerian community) living streets away from the school around 55th street and in Astoria didn't know about it. Also the fact that he made us register for the program in Sept. and tried to close it 15 days later didn't help. A couple of families didn't trust him anymore an left. There was always a rumor about closing down that didn't help.

    It seemed to me that hiring new teachers to develop the program as the kids were going from a grade to the next one was a hassle for the principal.

    I really believe Queens has a demand for this program, but the principal should be ready to make the program grow.

    After the program closed in PS151, my analysis was that 1/ maybe we should have had a PTA for the program and 2/ private a service of transportation (managed by the PTA?) could have made the program more atractive to families interested but living far from the school. As a family we cannot pay for a private a school but maybe paying for the transportation would give us the oportunity to have a dual French-English program.




    • hi Itziar,

      It seems that we would need to find a school who would be interested in the program! I am surprised indeed that it didnt work since there is a considerable French speaking population in Astoria.

      If you wouldn't mind getting some feedback from the Sunnyside principal I'd love to knwo if there is interest! I am going to look into some other schools in the area. Let's stay in touch!

      Thank you


      • Hi Diana,

        Yes, the school Carnival is coming up in May and I will try to talk to her...

        It also good to read the messages from the parents that started other programs. I believe it is good to approach the principal once there is a group interested in a bilingual program.

        So hello, parents from Sunnyside, Astoria, Woodside, Jackson Heights, LIC !!!

        Anyone interested ?



        • hi Itzhar... I am workng on getting the word out, can you please spread the word re. this?

          Interested parents should email  duallanguage.astoria@gmail.com



          • Hi Diana,

            Sorry I am so busy with my end of semester papers. Bien sûr, I can send an email to the people I know to spread the word.

            The only problem that I see is that the people I know don't have children going into Kindergarten.

            I think a one-page leaflet posted on some strategic places (the library, the subway, schools or pre-schools...) would work better. I'll try to create a file and send it to the address you posted.

            I think the road map posted not so long a go gives the most useful information, since it comes from experienced and succesful parents.

            According to the road map http://www.newyorkinfrench.net/profiles/blog/show?id=3350642%3ABlog...

            the first objective should be to create a group of 30 families*:

            15 French-speaking / 15 non-French-speaking

            *entering Kindergarten the same year located in district 1 & 2:

            I. Determine the number of children by school zone considered

            francophone/ English Language Learners, mother tongue is French.

            II. Determine the number of children by school zone considered

            Bilingual French/English who can be counted as Ls* even if they understand English.

            III. Determine the number of children by school zone considered

            Anglophone whose family are committed to French dual language education.

            Minimum classes to be viable to starts: 18 students

            Minimum for a principal to start a K class and take the project seriously: 30 students




            Road Map to Creating a Dual-Language Program
            As the fourth most spoken language in New York City, with 116,000 speakers citywide, French is deeply entwined in New York's linguistic fabric. New Y…
            • For those who read this thread Diana and I worked on a flyer to promote the program.

              If you just want to help us spread the word and post it at your work/study place, French favorite bistro or tutoring place ... you can write to Diana: duallanguage.astoria@gmail.com

              and she'll send you the file.


    • thank yo ufor explaining that! I was wondering what happened, especially since I know there are Moroccan and Algerian families that speak French in my neighborhood. When i bough my house on 45 Street i was excited about that program, only to find out that it didn't exist anymore. I find that they were rude and not helpful when I called. 

      I think you are right, there needs to be enthusiasm and interest on the part of the principal. 

  • We live in Sunnyside Queens with a 3 year old son and we'd be interested dual language program. My wife and I speak french occasionally around the house. 


    • Hi West! I am writing because there will be an info session on November 4th at 6pm at the Queens Library in Astoria, on 31st and Ditmars Boulevard where we will discuss bringing a French/English DLP to Astoria/LIC. We are hoping to reach as many parents as possible, including parents in Sunnyside and Woodside. Please spread the word! 

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