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Hi There! 

My name is Kelly and I live in NYC. I studied French years ago and would love to get back to a conversational level. I am fluent in English and studied Communications at Boston University.

If anyone is looking to further their English skills and conversation, I’d love to help as well! Ideally, looking for a weekly conversation – I can help with your English, and you with my French! I can assign Homework, help with grammar, pronunciation, etc. or just meet/call for friendly conversation!

Please message me if interested!



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  • Hi Kelly, I'm in NYC for 6 months, I'd love to meet you I Don't know many people here !
  • Hi Kelly! I am interested by an english conversation.


  • Hello,

    I just arrived from Paris actually and

    I have the same issue,

    I really need to increase my english conversation level too!

    I learn english during school so I understand it and speak it a bit, but I need to practice,

    because I want to be fluent!

    So let me know if U can help me, I'll help U with the french



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