ADIFF Presents: Transcultural Dialogues Film Series

The African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF) - in collaboration with the Office of Diversity and Community Affairs at Teachers College, Columbia university - hosts the Transcultural Dialogues film series featuring 19 films from 20 countries.

When a person leaves a country, it is because they are no longer able to resolve their problems with dialogue. As soon as they arrive in another culture, the transcultural dialogue starts. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is impossible. The stories in this series explore the multiple dialogues that take place when people arrive in a new culture and new society. Films hailing from Senegal, Tunisia, the USA, Curacao, Cape Verde, Belgium, Morocco, France, Hungary, Serbia and more are part of the program.

Ticket prices will range from $10 for one screening/program to $45 for an all-access pass.



100% Arabica by Mahmoud Zemmouri (France, Belgium, Switzerland)

As Far As I Can Walk by Stefan Arsenijecić (Serbia)

Ben and Ara by Nnegest LikkéBlack Dju (USA)

Black Dju by Pol Cruchten (Cape Verde, Luxembourg)

Borders by Mostefa Djadjam (Algeria, France)

The Citizen by Roland Vranik (Hungary)

Foreign Body by Raja Amari (France/Tunisia)

The Invisible Color: Afro-Cubans in Miami by Sergio Giral (USA)

Names Live Nowhere by Dominique Loreau (Belgium)

Naomi's Journey by Frieder Schlaich (Peru / Germany)

Night of Destiny by Abdelkrim Bahloul (France)

Otomo by Frieder Schlaich (Germany)

Papa's Song by Sander Francken (The Netherlands / Curacao)

The Pirogue by Moussa Touré (Senegal)

Return to Goree by Pierre-Yves Borgeaud (Senegal, Switzerland, France)

Sometimes I Dream In Farsi by Pirooz Kalayeh (USA)

The Story of Lovers Rock by Menelik Shabazz (UK)

Tazzeka by Jean-Philippe Gaud (Morocco, France)

Waalo Fendo by Mohammed Soudani (Senegal, Switzerland)


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