Accommodation offer

Please read carefully.

This is an accommodation offer for a French (speaking) person.

My wife (american) and I (french) recently separated.

We have 2 kids, a 2+ yr old daughter and a 6 months old son.

She lives on the upper east side in Manhattan, in a 3 bdr apt and is looking for someone to share one of the room.

There is no rent to pay in exchange for housekeeping duties and helping with the kids in the morning and in the evening.

Ideally, you have a nanny/sitter/au pair experience and we'll need references and have a background check.

We have a full time nanny working from 9 to 6h30pm, monday to friday.

This is a real offer, starting in January, and can work perfectly for someone looking to save money on housing in exchange for keeping the place clean and watching the kids on a regular basis.

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