My name is Marsha Thompson. I am an operatic soprano and this Friday, February 19th at 8pm I will give a concert to benefit l'Association des Médecins Haïtiens à l'Étranger (AMHE) at Christ and St. Stephen's Episcopal Church located at 120 West 69th Street between Broadway and Columbus. Tickets at the door are $20. The prgramme will consist of works by Gounod, Massenet, Fauré, Delibes and Louisiana Creole songs. This organization provides free medical proceedures and free medical supplies in Haiti and 100% of the proceeds given to them are used for the work they perform. I hope to see you there!

Please see a letter from the Charity President.

Préoccupée par la situation catastrophique que vit présentement Haïti, l'Association des Médecins Haïtiens à l'Étranger (AMHE) est désireuse de mettre l'épaule à la roue et offre sa collaboration afin de joindre les efforts gouvernementaux qui s'organisent sur le plan de la santé.

En cette matière et dans ces moments difficiles, les différents paliers de gouvernement peuvent en effet compter sur la disponibilité des membres de l'AMHE , association regroupant l'ensemble des médecins haïtiens travaillant en Amérique du Nord et ailleurs dans le monde.

Au nom de nos concitoyens éprouvés, nous tenons à exprimer notre gratitude pour les diverses marques de solidarité manifestées et la célérité avec laquelle, la population en général, les gouvernements et la communauté internationale ont su répondre présents à l'appel de détresse lancé.

Docteur Christian Lauriston
Président du Comité exécutif AMHE

Letter From AMHE Foundation

We have all been shocked and shaken by the images of destruction in Haiti as a result of the earthquake which struck Port-au Prince, its surroundings, and the southern portions of the country. The number of dead and wounded are estimated to be numbered over one hundred thousand and perhaps as high as two hundred thousands. The government and people of Haiti are scrambling to do their best. However with the devastating loss of infrastructure and personnel, their ability to act is significantly inhibited. The international community has mounted a swift response with help coming from many different countries and organizations. The United Nations and the United States have particularly demonstrated a commitment to the effort.

There is an immense gratitude toward the multitude of charitable organizations that are participating in this great humanitarian endeavor.

To all interested in the continued goal of relieving sufferings in Haiti and rebuilding the country, we would like to introduce an organization which is particularly dear and valued to us: the AMHE.

The AMHE (Association des Médecins Haitiens à l’étranger/Association of Haitian American Physicians) was founded in 1972 by these physicians who were committed to the advancement of medical care and public health in their country of origin. Since 1995 the AMHE Foundation has served to raise money and promote the charitable mission of the AMHE.

The organization has pursued its essential goal of helping to improve the health care system in Haiti by:

  1. Delivering lectures and seminars at the State University School of Medicine
  2. Rebuilding the students’ quarters at the School of Medicine (Maison des Etudiants ) and supporting its on-going management
  3. Participating in medical rounds and delivering direct care along with our local colleagues at the State University Hospitals in Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haitian
  4. Helping to establish an HIV Unit at the State University Hospital, with the concerted contribution of PEPFAR, CDC, and USAID
  5. Collaborating in the upgrading of a Renal Dialysis Unit
  6. Sponsoring along with SIMACT, our colleagues from Haiti in some fellowship programs in the United States.

We are facing the most daunting challenge as an organization and a people. The AMHE is determined, as always, to play a leadership role in the administration, direction, and delivering of care during this crisis and in the years to follow.

In the days after the earthquake, a group of fifty Haitian American Medical Professionals from the AMHE quickly were deployed to the heart of the affected areas and this group is being renewed on a weekly basis. Indeed, they are uniquely equipped to deliver care to this population

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  • This is a pay at the door event; no actual tickets. Hope to meet you there...
  • Where else can we buy ticket for this event?

  • HI Ang.. thank you for your comment. I would love to give you some flyers. I will try to stop by tomorrow. What time is best? plase send personal message with details.. Thank you very much for the offer and your consideration.
  • Hi Marsha,
    I manage a French restaurant on 68th and Columbus. Do you want to give us some flyers for the event so we can advertise for you?
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