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New York, NY (April 13th) Be Film The Underground Film Festival announced it will open Tuesday April 24th @ The Dolby Screening Room with an impressive line up.


Oscar nominated short:

Raju (Germany) Narrative, Dir. Max Zahle

Oscar shortlisted films:

Luminaris (Argentina) Animation, Dir. Juan Pablo Zaramella

A morning Stroll (UK) Animation, Dir. Grant Orchard


 World Premieres include:


4:13 To Katowice Stereoscopic 3D Narrative, Dir. Andrzej Stopa (Poland)

Dancing With The Jellyfish, Music Video, Dir. Lew Keilar  Music & Lyrics: Jeff Duff & Paul Searless

Scarecrow 3D Stereoscopic Animation, Dir. Przemek Anusiewicz (Poland)

The Cow That Wanted To Be A Hamburger 3D Stereoscopic Animation, Dir. Bill PLympton (USA)

Skeleton Girl 3D Stereoscopic Animation, Dir. Leo Wieser (USA)

Ballon In The City 3D Stereoscopic Music Video, Dir. Ryan Suits Music & Lyrics: Cheers Elephant (USA)

The Sorceress Animation, Dir. Patrick Jenkins (Canada)

Tuurngait 3D Stereoscopic Animation, Dir. P.Boucher, M.Riciotti, R.Dupont, B.Flouw, A.Toufaili (France)

Voyt3k Duv Music Video, Dir. Alex White (USA)





US and/or New York Premieres:


Abiogenesis (4mn), Animation, Dir. Richard Mans (New Zealand)

Scheherazade and The Kosher Delight (20mn), Narrative,

Dir. Agnes Caffin (France)

Luminaris (5mn), Animation, Dir. Juan Pablo Zaramella (Argentina)

True Power (1mn), Spec, Dir. Karel van Bellingen (UK)

Kerosene (27mn), Narrative, Dir. Joachim Weissmann (Belgium)

Armadingen (23mn), Narrative, Dir. Philip Kajbher (Germany)

Zamarat (1mn), Animation, Dir. Laen Sanches (USA)

The Boy In The Bubble 3D (8mn), Animation, Dir. Kealan O’Rourke  (Ireland)

Afternoon (3mn), Animation, Dir. Izabela Plucinska (Poland)

Egg (12mn), Narrative, Dir. Christopher Martin (Singapore)

The 54 (20mn), Narrative, Dir. Philip Hering (Netherlands)

Jafar (3mn), Narrative, Dir. Nancy Spetsioti (Greece)

A Dollar, Car, Coat (1mn ea.), Animation, Dir. Dustin Grella (USA)

Abril (8mn), Narrative, Dir. Victor Palacios  (Argentina)

Eight Flowers (29mn), Narrative, Dir. Timo Van Gunten (Switzerland)

Marcella (9mn), Animation, Dir. Gaston Siriczman (Argentina)

Moonless Night (13mn), Narrative, Dir. Bethynia Cardenas (Mexico)

Some Things Are Worse Than Being Gay (7mn), Narrative,

Dir. Regine Richards (USA)

Einstein Was A Refugee (20mn), Narrative, Dir. Solange Cicurel  (Belgium)

Graffitiger (10mn), Animation, Dir. Libor Pixa (Czech Republic)

The Interview (7mn), Narrative, Dir. Reinaldo Marcus Green (USA)

Doctor Kong (18mn), Documentary, Dir. Alexis Neophytides (USA)

I Can’t Right Now (12mn), Narrative, Dir. Roser Aguilar (Spain)

To See or Not To See (3mn), Animation, Dir. Majid Ahmady (Iran)

I Am Neda (26mn), Narrative, Dir. Nicole Sadighi (Iran)

Election Day (11mn), Narrative, Dir. Zach Wechter (USA)

Yukkina (12mn), Narrative, Dir. Seiki Watanabe (Japan)

Mythologie (3mn), Animation, Dir. Collective (France)

After The Credits (15mn), Narrative, Dir. Josh Lawson (Australia)

Bob (5mn), Animation, Dir. Jacob Frey (Germany)

Cappucino (16mn), Narrative, Dir. Tamer Ruggli (Switzerland)

Negative (16mn), Narrative, Dir. Yoav Hornung (Israel)

The Exit (8mn), Narrative, Dir. E. Jane Thompson (Canada)

Kiss (12mn), Narrative, Dir. Alex Murawski (Australia)

I’m Your Man (15mn), Narrative, Dir. Keren Ben Rafael (France)

Connection (13mn), Narrative, Dir. Jennifer Leacey (Australia)

Jesus Lover (1mn), Narrative, Dir. Joshua Funk (USA)

Dik (10mn), Narrative, Dir. Christopher Stollery (Australia)

Falling Apart (14mn), Narrative, Dir. Jasper Wessels (Netherlands)

Lone-illness (11mn), Narrative, Dir. Virginia LLera (Spain)

Inner City (8mn), Animation, Dir. Alain Fournier (Canada)

The Prayer (30mn), Narrative, Dir. Emma Balkazar (Denmark)




Be Film The Underground Film Festival was founded in March of 2004 by Laurence Asseraf, in the art gallery (A Taste of Art) she used to own on Duane Street in Tribeca, New York City.


Now in its ninth year, BEFILM THE UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL focuses only on short films with over 500 submissions from around the world.

The competition selection includes live action narrative, documentary, experimental animation, 3D stereoscopic, specs, and musical videos. Established and first time filmmakers screen side by side in an environment designed to support creativity.

Be Film runs during 5 consecutive days each year starting usually at the end of April. This year the dates will be: April 24 – April 28, 2012.

The competition selection is distinguished by genre: Live action narrative, animation, documentary, experimental, musical videos, specs, and since 2009 Stereoscopic 3D.

The festival provides a cultural and entertaining forum while recognizing and honoring independent emerging filmmakers through a panel of judges from the entertainment industry who reviews the films and gives the awards.


Focusing on the belief that “Shorter is Better” BEFILM THE UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL has become one of the most followed short film festivals on the East coast. Be Film prides itself for always promoting as well as discovering talented filmmakers. Films premiering at Be Film are consistently nominated for Oscars in both the live action, and animation categories, and go on to festivals such as Cannes, Venice, Berlin etc.

Constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries, in 2009 the festival introduced a 3D stereoscopic category. BEFILM is the first established film festival in the world to have recognized and included the 3D stereoscopic medium with its own category.


Sponsors include: Dolby Productions, Manhattan Edit Workshop, Thierry Mugler, Champagne Tattinger, Guittard Chocolates, LB Graphx, Agata & Valentina, Pravda Vodka, B&H, DDD and New York Film Academy.


For a complete schedule of films: www.befilm.net/schedule.html

To buy Passes & Tickets: www.befilm.net/venues.html

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