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By Felicity Lightbody

New toys are bought or received and older toys go by the wayside. Ride on toys like wheely bugs are outgrown and can be passed down to younger siblings, but what if there is no one to pass the wheely bug on to? And what enjoyment is an attic full of used toys giving anyone?

Why not put idle toys to good use now? Donating such toys will help the environment and some less fortunate children at the same time. And, it's a lot easier than one might think.

Collection Vans

Many times collection vans will periodically leave a note at your doorstep, requesting clothing, household items, or toys. It's as simple as packing a bag, attaching the label and leaving it on your doorstep on the pre-determined date.

Charitable Organizations

Charitable organizations ready and willing to accept used toys include the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, Good Will, and local religious or community centers. Detailed information on where and how to donate can be obtained on their websites or by calling.

Collection Boxes

Collection boxes are often set out in supermarket or shopping centre car parks. Simply follow the directions on the bin, and deposit the appropriate items into each bin.

Hospitals and Doctors' Offices

Hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices accept good, clean toys for reception. After all, what waiting room couldn't do with a great toy such as a wheely bug or two to entertain children while waiting for the doctor? Your GPs front desk can provide you with information.

Municipal Recycling Centers

Don't overlook simply recycling broken unusable toys as you would bottles or cans. Contact municipal offices. Even outgrown toys can be sorted for recycling, but may have to be transported to the facility.

Allowing children to choose a charity is a wonderful life lesson and a good way to encourage selflessness. A rewards system might include a new toy or a trip to the local zoo.

In-person donation to the local pediatric ward or children's hospital will instill that giving feeling. Imagine how wonderful your child will feel seeing a sick child's delight at receiving an outgrown wheely bug! Certainly they'll want to do it again and again.

Felicity is a part-time scribe, writing infrequent overviews in the UK. The complete range of wheely bug ride on toys as well as baby accessories are available with free delivery at Designer Ark.

For more information please visit the Designer Ark website for more on Bibetta Bibs

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