NYC, the capital of plurality...

Kerry and I went in East Canal Street a few weeks ago.They had a block party.They were celebrating a drink, a mix of vanilla ice cream and sparkling water.But the most important part of our journey down to extreme China town(it took us a good 1h to find the place) was to our complete stupefaction a 200 years old magnificent Sepharadic Synagogue built at the end of the 18th century.Really Amazing.Both Chinese and Jewish community organized the block party.Inside the Synagogue the architectural details reminiscent of Sepharadic culture are simply stunning.Inside the Synagogue they also had a band playing old Hebraic music.Outside traditional Chinese poetry, music and dance.It was so crowded you had to wait a bit to get in or out...Really amazing....
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  • I'm so glad to hear your positive words about my hometown. This truly is a "melting pot."
  • L adresse
    12 Eldridge Street
    Between Canal & Division Streets
  • I ll find the exact address again. Anyone interested should really go down there and check it out. It worth the subway ride...
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