3438645680?profile=originalWe are extremely pleased to share two significant achievements for MS256. First, we are thrilled to announce that MS 256 has been accepted into the Teacher Leadership Program (TLP) for 2013-14. Second, The American Society of the French Order of Merit (ASFOM) has awarded MS 256 a $5000 scholarship.

The mission of the Teacher Leadership Program (TLP) is to expand the positive impact and influence teacher leaders have in New York City Schools as they encounter the complex challenges of urban education.  The training is designed to support the school's work around building effective teacher teams, foster a school community that inspires effective teaching and improved student outcomes, and design professional development opportunities for teachers that are aligned to the school's goals and the citywide instructional expectations. The Teacher Leadership Program is an important step in the education leadership pipeline in New York City and MS256 id honored to be a part of this initiative.

The American Society of the French Order of Merit (ASFOM) awarded MS 256 a $5000 scholarship dedicated to the purchase of fifteen (15) iPad minis. These iPads will help provide the French Dual Language students with the tools and skills they need to learn and compete in a competitive, global environment - allowing students to research information in both English and French, as well as support them in translation and word definition.  Applications will enable students to supplement their language practice by engaging in drills and other interactive language development routines, such as reviewing grammatical or syntactical structures, practicing vocabulary or idiomatic phrases, or developing better pronunciation or listening skills.

Additionally, the iPads will provide students with interactive opportunities to explore the what life is like in France and other French-speaking nations, as well as experience the cultural contributions (specifically in the arts) that France has made to the world at large.

Combined with the funds allocated from the previously announced NYC Department of Education Bilingual Language Planning Grant, this scholarship ensures that ALL students enrolled at the start of the 2013 school year in the French Dual Language Program at MS 256 will be provided with an iPad mini to support their academic growth and development.

The President of ASFOM, Mr. George Sape, in the presence of French government officials, will present this award to MS 256 on Wednesday, June 26th at 5pm at the Links Club at 36 East 62nd Street.

For information on 6th grade French Dual Language Programenrollment please contact Starrlynn Fikaris at sfikaris@schools.nyc.gov or online at  http://schools.nyc.gov/SchoolPortals/03/M256/default.htm


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