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3438655958?profile=RESIZE_710xUpper East Side, NY- Today the New York City Department of Education and Council Member Ben Kallos announced the creation of two French dual language classes to the Pre-K center located at 355 East 76th Street. Council Member Kallos worked with the Francophone community including immigrants from Canada, Africa, and even France itself to gather more than two hundred families that pledged to send their children to a French dual language program in Manhattan. The classes will open in September 2020 with Pre-K applications for the French dual language classes are now open through March 16, 2020.

The Department of Education will run these classes using a side-by-side instructional model where it will have one Early Childhood certified teacher who is fluent in French, and who has or will have a Bilingual Extension alongside a second Early Childhood certified teacher. Currently the Department of Education is seeking more dual language certified teachers who can apply online and email prekduallanguage@schools.nyc.gov for information.

“We are pleased to continue expanding our Pre-K Dual Language programs to serve as many children in New York City as possible, and thank Council Member Kallos for his ongoing partnership on early education,” said Josh Wallack Deputy Chancellor, Early Childhood and Student Enrollment

“I hear so many languages spoken in my district from every corner of the world and now we are working with the Francophone community to address a need in the neighborhood as we hope to increase the overall diversity of our schools,” said Council Member Ben Kallos. “Thank you to Deputy Chancellor Josh Wallack for his ongoing partnership in expanding early education opportunities, the French Consulate for supporting the Francophone community, and especially to Stephane Lautner and Catherine Remy who worked closely with my office to put meetings together and organize hundreds of other parents.”

4078276240?profile=RESIZE_710x“On behalf of France I want to thank Chancellor Richard A. Carranza for opening the first French Dual Language Program in District 2. This program will not only provide a bilingual education to French Speaking families but also support multiculturalism that is a central feature of New York City’s identity. Let me express my deepest gratitude to Councilmember Ben Kallos whose continued support to this endeavor has been critical. The commitment of the French speaking parents who dedicated countless hours to this French Dual Language program has been truly inspiring and Stéphane Lautner and Catherine Remy deserve special credit for making it happen,” said Anne- Claire Legendre Consul General of France in New York

"Parents across the nation - from all socioeconomic and ethnolinguistic backgrounds - are asking school systems to provide bilingual dual language education. It is a great thing to see New York City embrace this approach and offer dual-language education in French and a dozen other languages."
Fabrice Jaumont, PhD. Education Attaché of the Embassy of France and Author of The Bilingual Revolution.

“The parents of this community had a vision and a desire for bilingual education for their children. The establishment of this Dual Language French UPK program is the culmination of two years of groundwork, involving over 150 families in New York City coming from countries all around the world, interested in having their children learn French. The personal stories of the parents, told during the meetings with the Department of Education and Council Member Kallos, showed the critical link of language in the maintenance of culture, heritage, and identity. The success of this program was possible thanks to the strong partnership and support of Deputy Chancellor Wallack his team at the DOE, Council Member Ben Kallos and his staff, and Maud Maron and the Community Education Council. The guidance of Anne-Claire Legendre, Consul General of France in New York and Fabrice Jaumont of the Embassy of France was invaluable,” said Stephane Lautner parent organizer and local resident.


In December 13, 2019, Council Member Kallos joined Community Education District Superintendent Donalda Chumney in a meeting with dozens of parents Stanley Isaacs Center. Following the meeting Council Member Kallos worked with organizers to host a petition when more 200 parents pledged to send their children to a French dual language program. When Council Member Kallos shared the results of the petition, Department of Education requested a meeting with the Francophone community, held again at Stanley Isaacs Neighborhood Center on Tuesday, March 3rd. The meeting was led by Council Member Ben Kallos, Deputy Chancellor of Early Childhood and Student Enrollment Josh Wallack, the Education Attaché of the Embassy of France Fabrice Jaumont, Community Education District 2 President Maud Maron, and Stephane Lautner with attendance by the Executive Superintendent for Manhattan Marisol Rosales and Community Education District 2 Superintendent Donalda Chumney. At the March 3rd meeting French speaking parents from New York City, Canada, Africa, and even France itself made their case for a French dual language program to a receptive Department of Education.

The results of the petition and pledge found:

Year of Birth     Number of Children

  • 2016           50
  • 2017           31
  • 2018           28

“As a multilingual learner and an educator, it is an honor to partner with families across District 2 and Council Member Ben Kallos to launch this French Dual Language Pre-Kindergarten Program, which will enrich the learning opportunities for all our students,” said Marisol Rosales Executive Superintendent for Manhattan.

“The creation of this French dual language pre-k is thanks to the determined and passionate advocacy of the many parents who insisted that dual language instruction is vitally important—both because it provides a 21st century skill and because it helps children remain connected to their multiple heritages and cultures ,” said Community Education Council 2 President Maud Maron.

Council Member Kallos has worked closely with the New York City Department of Education since 2014 to bring Pre-K for All to the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island, following reporting by WNYC that Yorkville, Lenox Hill and Roosevelt Island had 2,118 four-year-olds and only 123 Pre-Kindergarten seats. Some of the ways his office has done this include identifying parents with four-year-olds who pledged to send their children toPre-K for All, working with schools and providers to become Pre-Kindergarten locations, and working with the Department of Education through the application process to open more seats in the 5th Council District on the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island. The Upper East Side has added Pre-k seats each of the past five school years and now has a capacity of 2,056 seats.

[Note: for zip codes 10021, 10022, 10028, 10029, 10044, 10065, 10075, 10128, 10162]

Families seeking to add the French program to their application, can search for 02Z128 on MySchools to locate the program. For families that have already applied and are seeking to update their application they can:

  • Log into their MySchools.nyc account and re-submit their application, if they applied online
  • All other families can call 718-935-2009 to update their application
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4076632395?profile=RESIZE_710xDécouvrez l'édition printemps/été 2020 du French Education Guide : un annuaire détaillé Etat par Etat des écoles et programmes bilingues français aux Etats-Unis. Conçu à l’attention des parents cherchant à scolariser leurs enfants en français aux Etats-Unis, ce guide vous aidera à choisir l'école bilingue qui répond le mieux aux besoins de vos enfants.

=> Accédez au guide des écoles
=> Accédez au site du magazine France-Amérique

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3986648688?profile=RESIZE_710xThe work to establishing a new public Dual Language Preschool program and the #bilingualrevolution continues this week. Meeting this Tuesday with Councilman Benjamin Kallos, Deputy Chancellor Josh Wallack, CEC2 President Maud Maron, Superintendent Donalda Chumney, and Fabrice Jaumont, and a group of parents in District 2 led by Stéphane Lautner to discuss the path forward.

Part of the conversation on Tuesday will be focused on challenges around finding a NYS dual language certified teacher & early-childhood education certified teacher, as well as identifying a path forward after UPK into a K-5. District 2 covers almost all of Manhattan under 96th Street (with the exception of the Upper West Side and Lower East Side). Dual-language education is a public good that should be offered to all students. Dual-language programs can positively transform a school, a community, even a city like New York.

The meeting is on Tuesday 3/3 at 6PM at Stanley Isaacs community center, 415 East 93rd Street.


For more information, contact Stéphane Lautner : j.stephane.lautner@gmail.com

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500 SHOWS PERFORMED inclu. Reeperbahn (DE, Eurosonic (NL), Great Escape Festival (UK)
1 FRENCH MUSIC AWARD: Les Victoires de la Musique for best new live show
GLOBAL COMMERCIALS SYNCH: The most famous luxury brands have chosen their music for their campaigns
ARMANI “SI” starring Cate Bkanchett
LACOSTE “FRENCH PANACHE”, the genderless perfume
GIORGIO ARMANI “LIP MAESTRO” lipstick web campaign

Following to having Hyphen Hyphen on Levi’s Music Project in 2018, the brand chose the band to DJ at their Coachella Pool Party, along Snoop Dogg.

In 2016, those who did not know them yet would discover Hyphen Hyphen on the prestigious Victoires de la Musique stage for an explosive performance of the single « Just Need Your Love ». The group had just won the Best New Live Act Award. A logical coronation for the young 25-year old French artists, who have become masters of the art of embracing the crowds during intense concerts – Hyphen Hyphen has a track record of several hundreds of dates in the biggest venues and festivals.

“HH”, the newest chapter of Hyphen Hypehn’s discography is composed, but also entirely produced by the band. Not a surprise coming from those Art school graduates designing also their own artworks, shows and music videos.

An impetus and a wild strength are across all the new compositions of the trio. “HH” is a grand, lively album; one in the form of a slap (and we’re asking for it again); free in the way it draws on all the genres.

It draw equally as well on the groove of RnB as it does on the immediateness of pop or the trance of UK House. A logical eclecticism for a group whose musical hall of fame brings together artists as varied as Kanye West and Chopin, Destiny’s Child and B.B. King. A great album too, in the way it puts together lyrics rich in meaning.

Hyphen Hyphen do dance for sure, but with their heads full of everything which has made up this zeitgeist: sexual freedom, a quest for intoxication and feminism.

Althought the group took sole responsibility for the production of its album, Hyphen Hyphen was also alble to surround themselves with the best: “HH” was recorded in the Parisian studio of the Air musicians (Atlas studio), where the group was able to make the most of a vast choice of synthesizers and the participation of the drummer, Zoé Hoochberg.

To perfect her voice, now capable of remarkables acrobatics, Santa called on the talent of the American Guy Roche, the regular vocal coach of the greats (Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguillera, etc.).

The mixing of the album was entrusted to Maxime Le Guil, already behind albums by Justice, Radiohead, and Morrissey, and the mastering was entrusted to Vlado Meller (an impressive CV – from Kanye West to Frank Ocean, by way of Michael Jackson).

Strengthened by this star casting and the immense talent of its authors, HH is an album that is at once powerful and uncategorisable, which goes straight to the heart.


5/10 @ Drake Underground – Toronto, Canada- Tickets
5/11 @ Le Ministère – Montréal, Canada – Tickets 
5/12 @ Baby’s All Right – Brooklyn, NY – Tickets 
5/14 @ Rickshaw Stop – San Francisco, CA – Tickets 
5/16 @ Moroccan Lounge – Los Angeles, CA – Tickets 

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Last week end, for the 7th consecutive year, FHLP students from Manhattan International High School and International Community High School won two prizes during the 21th edition of the Theater Festival Premiere Scene, organized by the Lycée Français de New York . They joined more than 100 students from over 15 bilingual private schools in the US and Canada, to celebrate the French language on stage. Le weekend dernier, pour la 7ième année consécutive, des étudiants du FHLP, inscrits dans les lycées internationaux Manhattan International et Community international High School, ont gagné deux prix pendant la 21 ième édition de Première Scène, le festival de théâtre du Lycée Français de New York . Ils ont rejoint des étudiants de 15 autres écoles des Etats et du Canada, pour célébrer la langue française sur scène.
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Guide pratique education bilingue


The below guide, created for New York's francophone population, explains, through broad strokes, the opportunities for bilingual education for French and francophone students within the context of the American K-12 school system. The guide also includes alternative ideas for bilingual education geared toward younger children.  

Cette note, à l’attention du public francophone, expose les grandes lignes du système scolaire américain K-12 et regroupe les possibilités d’éducation bilingue pour les enfants français et francophones. Principalement orientée vers l’enseignement scolaire, la note regroupe également des idées alternatives pour permettre l’apprentissage du français aux plus jeunes.

Guide pratique education bilingue.pdf

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3840405404?profile=RESIZE_710xThe latest U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey reports that 1,203,941 people in the U.S. speak French at home.This includes speakers of French Patois and Cajun.  These individuals are over 5 years old (count another 4.6% if you want to include children under 5, or 55,380 children). Despite a drop since my last count, French is still the fifth most common non-English language spoken in U.S. households, after Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Tagalog.

Francophone communities in the United States have many different historical and geographic origins.Some Francophone communities trace their lineage as far back as the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when settlers and refugees immigrated from Europe and Canada. These groups, such as the Acadians of Maine and Louisiana have passed their language down through the generations.The US Census reports 7,997,196 individuals with French ancestry, and an additional 2,109,242 reporting French-Canadian ancestry (2013-2017 American Community Survey).

Other communities of French speakers arrived in the U.S. more recently, mainly from France, Haiti, Senegal, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, the DRC, and other African countries. It is interesting to note that 824,884 individuals over the age of 5 report speaking Haitian at home (1,202, 251 report Haitian ancestry). Also, 484,415 individuals report speaking West African languages, and 213,484 report speaking Central/East/South African languages. Many of these individuals are multilingual and can speak, read, and write in French, and in other languages.

Franco-American communities long-established in New England and Maine, most notably the Cajuns and Houma people of Louisiana, and the Franco-Americans in Maine, have begun to revitalize the French language after years of neglect due to prolonged discrimination within their local communities. Meanwhile, French parents within expatriate communities have managed to create bilingual programs and promote French after-school instruction in public schools in urban centers such as New York, Miami, Houston, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other areas which stand out on the map above. Together these groups form a diverse community of heritage language speakers who maintain a strong connection to the French language, making it one of the most vibrant languages spoken everyday in the United States.

Fabrice Jaumont

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Dans quelle langue doit-on commencer à lire ? Quelles sont les bonnes pratiques d’enseignement de la lecture et de l’écriture en contexte bilingue ? Quels conseils donner aux parents qui n’ont pas accès à une école bilingue pour développer le bilinguisme. Voici quelques questions abordées dans ce nouvel épisode de Révolution bilingue avec Marie Bouteillon, une pédagogue passionnante et engagée dans le développement de l’enseignement en deux langues.

Présenté par French Morning, Révolution Bilingue est soutenu par la fondation CALEC (Center for Advancement of Languages, Cultures and Communities).

Ecoutez l'épisode 13 sur Spreaker ou iTunes

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Comme un Lion (Little Lion)
Directed by Samuel Collardey

Length:1h42min | Recommended age 10+
In French with English subtitles

Mitri is fifteen and lives in a Senegalese village. Like all boys his age, he plays football and dreams of Barça and of Chelsea. When a recruiting agent picks him up out, Mitri believes his chance has come. But to get seen by the great European football clubs, one has to pay. His
family chips in and puts itself into debt to help him. Once in Paris, everything collapses: Mitri finds himself abandoned, without a dime in his pocket, and unable to imagine dealing with the shame should he return to his village. An odyssey which will require all his resourcefulness hence begins. But his football dream will soon catch up with him...

Presented by:

logo-cmyk_1.jpg?itok=ftyao31G af_cartouche_logo_rvb_0.jpg?itok=YSbJF9Sc institut-francais_1.png?itok=FtLvZU3L bhspta.jpg?itok=OJcsL_j3

More information: https://k497.org/french-cine/

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3821519776?profile=RESIZE_710x“La Petite Ecole”, école d’immersion francophone située dans le Greenwich Village, recherche un(e) Enseignant(e) de Maternelle à temps plein.

Inspirée par la philosophie Reggio Emilia, l’école intègre un curriculum d’art dans un projet éducationnel basé sur les intérêts de l’enfant.

Qualifications :

  • Formation bac +3 dans le domaine de l'education
  • Langue Maternelle Française (ou Maîtrise Complète de la Langue Française)
  • Maîtrise de l'enseignement de la petite enfance ou en éducation spécialisée
  • Expérience avec les jeunes enfants avec ou sans besoins spécialisés
  • Formation et/ou expérience dans le domaine de l’orthophonie appréciée

Fonctions et responsibilités

  • Travailler avec 12 enfants dans une classe âgés entre 2 et 5 ans
  • Travailler dans un milieu éducatif inspiré par la philosophie Reggio Emilia
  • Créer un environnement adapté aux âges des enfants qui encourage le développement des enfants et des familles.
  • Faire preuve de connaissances et de compréhension des besoins individuels des jeunes enfants: creation d’objectifs personnalisés
  • Créer un programme et un environnement semblable à celui de la maison.
  • Participer aux journées de formation professionnelle.
  • Prise de notes quotidiennes pour les enfants qui ont des difficultés d’apprentissage.
  • Travail en coopération avec les parents d'élèves.

Merci d’envoyer vos CV et lettre de motivation à info@lpeny.com


La Petite Ecole has two convenient locations in Manhattan! Come visit us!
Upper West Side

159 West 82nd Street, #1 
New York, NY 10024

Greenwich Village
7 West 10th Street
New York, NY 10011

Telephone: (646) 504-9694
Email: info@lpeny.com
Questions or comments? Please email us at info@lpeny.com.
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3807687213?profile=RESIZE_710xJoin us for one of our mini-camp sessions!

Bonjour NY offers fun-filled camps during school breaks and holidays! Our mini-camps provide a FUN, ENGAGING, and SAFE place for children to spend their day.

Register Now Spots are limited! 

Modeled after our popular Summer Day Camp curriculum, our mini-camps incorporate various arts and craft, sports, songs, cooking and recreational activities to keep your child active, learning, and moving all day - en français. 

Mini-camps are available for kids ages 3.5 to 11. Children are split into 2 age groups.

Camps take place from 8:15am to 5pm at our BROOKLYN location (9 Hanover Pl). After camp care is available until 6pm.

It's going to be a blast! 

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3805527629?profile=RESIZE_710xBoerum Hill School for International Studies is an International Baccalaureate and dual language  public middle and high school in Brooklyn, NY. We emphasize equity, student voice, and real world inquiry.  Our students are challenged and supported to think creatively and critically as socially conscious global citizens in a warm and dynamic school community.


Teaching Position Available: Two French Teacher Positions.  

Grades 9-12 and  Grades 6-8 

To Apply:  Please send resume and cover letter to samantha.schmoeger@k497.org

Our Mission Statement 

The Boerum Hill School for International Studies is committed to creating a learning environment that develops inquisitive, knowledgeable, and compassionate young people who work to create a just and peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. As an International Baccalaureate World School, our classrooms are rich with authentic, project-based, and interdisciplinary learning. We emphasize intellectually challenging, culturally responsive curricula, and robust dual-language courses which empower our students to become active, engaged, and socially conscious global citizens.

 We are looking for talented and committed educators to join our school.  We offer many exciting opportunities for teachers, including:

  • A deep commitment to equity, social justice, and on-going anti-bias work.
  • An intentionally inclusive and diverse school with several ICT (integrated co-taught) classes per grade, heterogeneous classrooms, and admissions policies in place to maintain socio-economic diversity. 
  • Student centered classroom environments that cultivate confident, powerful, and curious thinkers.
  • International Baccalaureate trainings and the support of International Baccalaureate Coordinators at both the Middle Years Program (grades six through ten) and Diploma Program (grades eleven and twelve) levels.
  • A collaborative, intellectually engaged staff who deepen their practice together through co-planning, inquiry, and inter-visitation.
  • Opportunities to design deep units of study framed by International Baccalaureate principles, including interdisciplinary units in partnership with colleagues from other subject groups.
  • Robust peer coaching and a wide range of professional development opportunities to support teacher development.
  • A well developed Restorative Justice Program that includes dedicated Restorative Justice faculty and a school-wide Advisory Program.
  • Distributed leadership and a variety of teacher leadership opportunities.
  • Active collaboration between teachers and school leadership.
  • Dual language for all students regardless of their current level of foreign language proficiency.   
  • Exemplary Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Dance, Culinary, and Physical Education Programs.
  • Partnerships with a wide range of community organizations.
  • Joyful collaboration with families.
  • International student trips.
  • Location in vibrant Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.

Ideal applicants will demonstrate:

  • Unwavering commitment to students and to addressing their instructional and socio-emotional needs through differentiation.
  • Ability to integrate small group instruction, rich investigations, and interdisciplinary connections into curriculum planning for heterogeneous classrooms.
  • Flexibility, comfort with self-reflection, and a problem-solving stance.
  • Interest in collaborating with teachers and administration around instruction and school-wide policies.
  • Certification to teach in the NYC public schools.
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills.
  • A commitment to teaching as an act of social justice.
  • Excitement for ongoing professional development.

Check us out at http:www.k497.org


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The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales
Directed by Benjamin Renner & Patrick Imbert

France, 2017, 1h20
Rated G. Recommended age 5+ | In English

From the creators of the Academy Award®-nominated Ernest & Celestine comes another hilarious, heartwarming tale of animal misfits destined to become a classic. The countryside isn’t always as calm and peaceful as it’s made out to be, and the animals on this farm are particularly agitated: a fox who mothers a family of chicks, a rabbit who plays the stork, and a duck who wants to be Santa Claus. If you think life in the country is a walk in the park, think again!

logo-cmyk_0.jpg?itok=wzDIHolW pta_logo_2.jpg?itok=0Q49ldw_

Doors open at 2pm, screening at 2:30pm. Arts & crafts activities before the film!

"Wacky, heartwarming and wise... Lots of fun!"
—The Hollywood Reporter

CinéSchool: PS110 Film Series!
Discover World Cinema and International Cultures through Film!

ps110k.org | #CineSchool

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Révolution bilingue à Manhattan

Plus de 100 personnes ont assisté à la réunion d'hier soir pour soutenir davantage de programmes bilingues en français à Manhattan, réunion organisée par Stéphane Lautner, un parent franco-américain qui a travaillé sans relâche pour créer un programme dans le district 2 (j'encourage tout le monde à le contacter et à l'aider).
Le conseiller municipal Ben Kallos, la présidente du CEC2, Maud Maron, la principale de PS84 Evelyn Lolis, la surintendante Donalda Chumney ont partagé leurs points de vue sur cette possibilité. Je crois que tous ont été impressionnés par le taux de participation énorme et par la détermination des parents. J'ai rappelé à tous que les parents organisés ont du pouvoir et qu'ils ont également le droit d'accéder à des programmes bilingues. La loi est de leur côté. En outre, l'enseignement bilingue est un bien public qui devrait être proposé à tous les élèves. Les programmes bilingues peuvent transformer positivement une école, une communauté, voire une ville comme New York. #révolutionbilingue

Over 100 people attended last night's meeting in support of more French dual-language programs in Manhattan organized by Stephane Lautner, a French-American parent who has worked tirelessly to create a program in District 2 (I encourage everyone to contact him and help). Councilman Ben Kallos, CEC2 President Maud Maron, PS84 Principal Evelyn Lolis, Superintendent Donalda Chumney shared their views on this possibility. I believe all were impressed by the huge turn-out and by the parents' determination. I reminded everyone that organized parents have power.They also have a right to gain access to dual-language programs. The law is on their side. Furthermore, dual-language education is a public good that should be offered to all students. Dual-language programs can positively transform a school, a community, even a city like New York. #bilingualrevolution

Fabrice Jaumont


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French dual-language program

3759628962?profile=RESIZE_710xFrench-speaking, early childhood education teacher needed at P.S. 5 Dr. Ronald Mcnair, in Brooklyn. This teacher would need to have an early childhood certification, and be bilingual in French and English. Contact Principal Lena Gates lgates@schools.nyc.gov

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3758240469?profile=RESIZE_710xParents interested in helping to develop a French Dual Language program in NYC DOE District 2 are hosting a meeting on Friday December 13. This will be a public meeting for all interested. Councilman Ben Kallos is attending, as are Maud Maron (CEC D2), Fabrice Jaumont (Embassy of France), and Evelyn Lolis (Principal, PS84)

Date: December 13
Time: 5PM
Location: Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center, located at 415 E 93rd Street (at 1st Avenue).

Please register via Google Form so that we can have an accurate count of the number of people attending.


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Now firmly established in the New York educational landscape, the 2019 Bilingual Education Fair, organized by French Morning, is expanding its offer for its sixth edition, which will be held on Saturday, November 23, at Fordham University (get your discounted tickets here now).

Schools, extracurricular activities, booksellers, publishers and other exhibitors, some sixty in all, will be there to help you navigate the available offers in bilingual education (see the list of exhibitors here). About ten languages will be represented. On the French side, all the schools in the New York area will be there, public or private. It’s the opportunity to ask all your questions about bilingual education in one place.

Conferences and roundtables

As every year, the conference program will provide parents and educators with an opportunity to learn and discuss, including about controversial topics in the world of bilingual education. Bilingualism and multiculturalism in public schools (at 10:30 a.m.) will host elected officials and representatives from the New York City Department of Education to discuss the challenges facing public schools.

Later in the day, Mariam Ottimofiore Navaid, a specialist in third culture kids, to whom she has just devoted a book (“This Messy Mobile Life”), will lead a round table, Raising Happy Kids Between Cultures and Languages (at 1:30 p.m.), where we will discuss strategies and advice for families with kids of one culture raised in another.

Other conferences include: Navigating Special Education in New York City and the Bilingual Child with Special Needs (11:30 a.m.); Trials and Tribulations of maintaining minority languages alive: the example of Sardinian, Catalan, Alsatian and Breton languages (11:30 a.m.); Singing and speaking: reciprocal influences of music and language in early childhood development and learning (2:30 p.m.). Sign up for conferences for free here.

Bilingual education awards

For the first time, the Bilingual Fair will recognize six people whose work has contributed to the development of bilingual education in New York. Nominations are open until October 30 in the following categories: Leader, Trailblazer, Visionary, Student, Parent, Patron. A jury of experts will select the winner of each category. The trophies will be presented during the ceremony (1 p.m.) presided over by Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President.

Hip hop workshop

This year, the programme of activities and conferences has been enriched. For children and teenagers, in addition to a multitude of free activities with our partners, we’ll welcome the French rapper Hippocampe Fou. The inventiveness and creativity of this singer-songwriter’s texts, a combination of rap and slam poetry, earned him a loyal audience in France. Twenty lucky children and teenagers will be able to participate in a two-hour session led by “Hippo” himself, which will culminate in the creation of a group song performed in front of the Bilingual Education Fair audience. The first workshop is from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for French-speaking children aged 8 to 11 years; the second workshop is from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. for French-speaking adolescents aged 12 to 15 years. Free registration required (register here).

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Conference "The Problem of Peace

Conference organized by Normandy for Peace and Columbia University as part of the "The Problem of Peace" seminars on Thursday 21 November at 6 pm.

This debate at Columbia University in New York will highlight the investment of civil society and local authorities alongside States and international organizations to build sustainable peace. This will be an opportunity to review the actions of the Normandy Region and its partners in the framework of Normandy for Peace. Prof. Katrina Fischer Kuh, professor of environmental law at Pace University, will present the work of the Normandy for Peace Chair of Excellence and Pace University on the protection of the rights of future generations and in particular their environmental rights.

The seminars "The Problem of Peace" is the oldest lecture series of Columbia University, started in 1945 after the Second World War. Since then, more than 400 conferences have been held on peace issues. Columbia University, engaged on the subject, is among the eight oldest and most prestigious universities in the United States. 101 Nobel Prizes were awarded to university students or staff.

A cocktail and a time for discussion with the panel will be proposed after the conference.

For more information :

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Scholarships for French-speaking 3rd-5th graders


Science, Language & Arts International School is a full immersion Nursery through Grade 8 school located in Downtown Brooklyn. Significant scholarships are available for incoming transfer students in Grades 3-5. Children must have been in a French dual language or immersion program for at least 3 years, or speak French at home. 

Scholarships available: 25-75% tuition reduction.

Scholarships are non-need-based (need-based financial aid is ALSO available).

Contact our admissions office at admissions@slaschool.org for more information.

Current availability, or January 2020 start. Also available for fall 2020.

FALL TOURS happening now! 





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