Light around the world project

Spirituality, peace, love, harmony, knowledge and wisdom are by definition the Light that illuminates the world.

 My intention is to use the knowledge that I have attained through various spiritual practices to create and publish a book based on the “Light” (illumination) in different regions of various countries.

 The goal is to travel to these various countries and meet with different people who have worked with the “Light.” I would like to gain an understanding of the different of views of the “Light” and demonstrate its powerful effect on the world.

 I have been studying Shamanism since I was a small boy. I grew up in a little village in the mountains in Corsica, where the practice of Shamanism had a reputation of being the most powerful of its kind. As a teenager, I wanted to educate myself further about Shamanism. I began to do extensive research on the subject. So, I decided to study energetic practices such as meditation, Tai Chi, African religious rites, and Native American and South American Shamanism.

At times, people tend to forget that they can experience this illumination for themselves, because they are so focused on what is going on in the outside world, rather than focusing on the inside. I have always wanted to unite people from the many different places that we have here in the Universe. I want to be able to bring their knowledge so that others can see the beauty of this “Light.” The key to uniting everyone is to create an opportunity for others to meet, listen, and learn about these wonderful practices and the different belief systems. I want to create a book where the reader can be taken on a journey where they can explore and experience deep spiritual meaning, so that the end result is that they experience something that will give them a new revelation.

 Seven years ago, I started taking photos of different light sources and discovered the technique of light painting. This concept is where you “paint” with a light source and the luminous images are captured by the camera. I decided to use this technique as I wanted to use the best technique to reproduce different energetic visions during meditation or energetic practices. This was the best way to recreate what came through my meditations....

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