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Learning to speak French, even though it maybe on a very basic level,has been a life changing event.  It's very hard for me to put in words exactly how i feel. It's not just the language itself, as much as it is the numerous varieties of the language as well as the corresponding cultures. I went to Montreal Last Sept. and when I reached the border and spoke to the border patrol in french and they responded in kind was awesome. I also love the French that is spoken in West Africa as well as the Caribbean. It also coincides with my life's passion - History, with an emphasis on Black History.I was unaware the amount of Black History in french from Louisiana alone not considering Haiti, Martinique, Gudeloupe, Senegal, France, Congo, ETC. http://www.centenary.edu/french/anglais/afcreoleanglais.html .I was also intrigued by the similarities of the french creoles around the world especially in relation to the Louisiana version. My initial contact with french is my family, although no-one in my immediate family speaks french we are undoubtedly of French Creole Stock From La. I suspect even my last name was changed somewhere down the line to sound more american from Mercier to present Mercer. But i digress. I find myself watching TV5monde constantly even if I don't understand everything being said. Les Journal Des France 2 is one of my favorite programs and i can follow along on some of them. I also started the Learn French By Podcast that saw on this site. I have to say that's the best program that i've seen so far concerning learning french online. Repetition with that for me is key because so many things i hear and learn there are re-inforced on TV5monde. When I hear something on Tv that's been covered in the podcast it's a good feeling. My main problem is that i rarely have anyone with which to speak french, and when i do i get nervous and forget what to say. One thing is for sure my love of french will only grow as will my command of the language.So to all my Francophones out there i want to say be safe this new year and i hope the french language has enriched your life as it has mine.
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  •  I think: is more easy to learn French if we remember French is universal, my motivation to learn English was it, but French would be more easy for me because my mother language is Portuguese. I sintetize: all the students needs at firstly to be able talk more with very people has the French like second language: Lebanese, people from Norwest Africa.
  • Salut! Yes, this is une belle histoire! See you at the Huguenot Church!
  • Bonjour,

    If you are interested in some conversation,feel free to contact me chica-reloca@hotmail.fr. We can share our experience about learning another language.

  • Thanks for all the encouragement and advice. It's very refreshing to see people having similar reactions and showing the same adoration for learning french. I never knew. I appreciate all the comments I received. I have a very intense schedule but I will always find time to study. Unfortunately, I work weekends and it's a shame, because taking advantage of those free classes on Sunday mornings sounds very appealing. I definitely understand that most people don't have time for conversation because i find it difficult as well. The provided links will be used as I am always looking for new and interesting French sites. Again Merci a tous.
  • I love your post!  I feel the same way and am doing similar things...such as watching TV5Monde.  Check out the new blog I started on 1/1/2011...http://365daysoffrench.wordpress.com/.  It's a great feeling to know that people are as passionate about this as I am.  It's lonely taking on this challenge solo so let's take on this journey together!!  Any advice/suggestions are welcomed!
  • Hi brother,I understand your feelling, although I really don't have time for conversation, but here is my e-mail fleur199@comcast.net contact me, I'll see what I can do.


  • Buy a web cam and get on SKYPE. I am sorry I don't have the time to conversse with you but I am sure others do. I teach at Clinton Community Collge and you might find some interesting things on my web page at:


  • Bonjour Derrick-

    It is wonderful to see how your experience using French is opening new perspectives for you.  Enjoy your exploring!

  • Quel joli message! Practise... and enjoy...
  • Bonsoir Derrick,

    I have been studying French for 6 semesters at the New School. I really love the language. And I actually like grammar. I agree, it is so rewarding when you get to speak French with a Francophone and they answer you in French. I like to say that language is magic. Thanks to everyone for the interesting tips. It is hard when you do not have anyone to converse with.

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