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Migration is not an easy thing, I would say. I realized this immediately after I began the process of migrating to Australia. For a long time, I had been dreaming of starting a new life there someday. I had to make my dream a reality, and I embarked on the daunting journey of getting a travel Visa to Australia.

My first step was to visit the website of the department of home affairs to find more about the available Visas. Quite frankly, I was stunned by the several categories of immigration Visas they offer, each had different requirements with varying restrictions. I had no clue of the best category for me that is why I had to look for professional help from a Registered Migration Agent (Overseas Emigration Visas). I thought that getting a Visa would be faster, but the process was still too long for me. First, I was asked to confirm my qualification, and I did that. I hurriedly produced my documents for the assessment and even forgot to give out the right transcript. The process took quite long because I had to resubmit my academic documents and I thought that was the end of me. The assessment by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) took over nine weeks because of that single silly mistake I made. I almost gave up but thanks to the Emigration Visas I was updated with every step.

After the long wait, the deal was done, and I received a certificate from the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. The certificate meant that I was permitted to teach in Australia under the Australian education system, I was happy because I could move to Australia as a skilled immigrant. I went the difficult way, but now I can advise you to always take time checking your documents before you submit them to the immigration department. Avoid the mistakes because a single spelling mistake can cost your time and even a chance to get a Visa.

With the certificate of approval in my hands, I began the process of application for a Visa. My agent advised me to apply for the Skilled Independent [Permanent] subclass 189. This option suited me because it allowed me to work anywhere in Australia and in any field not specifically teaching. With this category of Visa, my freedom was guaranteed, and I could change the occupation or location at any time. 

Going back to the application process, every detail was to be submitted online. I was asked to fill in an Expression Of Interest (EOI) form, and within a couple of days, I received an acknowledgment note. After that, I received an Invitation To Apply (ITA) for my Visa. My agent helped me with most of the paperwork and ensured that all my documents were in order before uploading them to the website of the immigration department. The processing of the Visa took a few months. As I was waiting for it, I proceeded to get police checks and medical examination as recommended by the immigration department.

I still remember the day I got an email confirmation. It was amazing because finally my dream came true.


I planned my trip, packing up the most essential stuff, buying the tickets and moving to the amazing land of Australia. Life there was not a roller-coaster as I had imagined. Even having the working permission, I did not get a teaching job immediately. The little money I had on my account was ending. I needed a job have money for living before I get a teaching job there. After several weeks of my stay in Australia, I got a job in a hotel. I was happy because at least I had something to keep me busy and thanks to which I could earn little cash. Though that is what I needed for that time, it was far from my dream job. However, while working there, I managed to acquire useful connections and broaden my network. In fact, I was lucky to meet several professional writers who opened up this path to me.

After staying in Australia for half a year, one of my new acquaintances introduced me to writing. To improve my writing skills, he advised me to join the Australian Writers’ Center Course. It was a short course but impressed and helped me, my writing skills improved, and I began my journey into professional writing. Well, it was difficult since it required a lot of efforts and commitment. I went through the tight deadlines, revisions, rejections but I had to endure all these to earn my living. It took patience and perseverance to become a sought-after professional writer. Now I can say that it was worth it. These days, I earn up to $200 for an article.

Considering writing as a part-time occupation at first, now I perceive it as a full-fledged job I enjoy. I can say that professional writing has numerous advantages and now I can make use of them all. Writing is fun and interesting, but for some people who lack some skills or experience, it can be a real challenge. Most often, these are students who are basically bad at writing and therefore, cannot complete even the easiest essays within the specified deadline. Such students usually get help from the online writing services. From time to time, I work as a professional writer for these services. It took me quite much time to find a reliable one, but now that I have found it, I can share it with you: admission essay help. There writers can see the tasks, their descriptions, and all the requirements, choosing the most suitable for them. When you live in another country, in Australia, for example, it is a good way to make a living.

Here are also other tips that I think can be useful for you if you want to move to Australia:

  • Try to find a remote job before migrating there
  • Look for a job as soon as you move to Australia since your savings will suffice only for the first time
  • Be ready that rental prices in Australia are per week not per month
  • Always cover up when outdoors because the UV rays can damage your skin.

I hope this information was useful for you and I wish you good luck if you are migrating to Australia. This is the awesome country to live in.


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