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How Has Technology Changed Education?


Technology has engulfed almost all the major aspects of our life. While the case with the education system is no different. However, education is still the same in some ways as it had been around 600 years back.

Consider the example of a university level in medieval Italy. The scene back was quite similar to a modern classroom today. The teacher used to stand and deliver a lecture from the podium while the students absorbed each word while sitting behind the desk. Some students are following the lecture, some are talking to other students, while the remaining ones are boring.

The only difference that we see today is students sitting with their laptops, smartphones, or tablets in hand.

One of the greatest changes that technology has brought is that it has expanded the reach and scope of education worldwide. Besides the hard copies or textbooks that students use to study and prepare for the exams, students can now also easily access audios, videos, eBooks, discussion forums, etc. through online mediums for learning.

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From the teacher’s perspective, technology has given them ample liberty to refine their instructional strategy and provide a richer, real-world learning experience in the class.

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