7931341269?profile=RESIZE_400x It's a pleausre to invite you all to join in the ninth annual edition of Seuls en Scène, Princeton French Theater Festival, entirely virtual this year! Seuls en Scène introduces American audiences to contemporary French theater and takes place annually, in September, on the Princeton University campus. It is curated by Florent Masse, Director of L'Avant-Scène and Senior Lecturer in the…

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Utilisez les ALT codes. Il faut appuyer sur le button ALT et tappez les numéros à droite. Par exemple, pour à, appuyez ALT, tappez 133, lachez ALT et à vas apparaitre.Les codes: à 133 À 0192â 131  0194ä 132 Ä 142æ 145 Æ 146ç 135 Ç 128é 130 É 144è 138 È 0200ê 136 Ê 0202ë 137 Ë 0203î 140 Î 0206ï 139 Ï 0207ô 147 Ô 0212œ 0156 Œ 0140ù 151 Ù 0217û 150 Û 0219ü 129 Ü 154« 174 » 175€ 0128
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  • Merci Gerry
  • The above suggestion will be problematic if you are using a laptop which, like most, has no separate numeric keypad. Most laptops with the "American keyboard" have the numeric keypad embedded within the keys M,J,K,L,U,I,O,7,8 and 9. (You should see little numbers in a contrasting color, usually gray, on the keys.)

    In order to access this keypad, hold down BOTH the ALT and FN keys and type the numbers you need. Thus FN+ALT+ 0233 will produce é.

    Here are some alternatives if using Windows. The following will work on Windows versions through XP (and possibly Vista as well):

    Click Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Character Map. (You might want to pin the Character Map to the Start Menu or send a shortcut to the Desktop.)

    When you are using the Character Map, you have access to all the above accents and many more symbols, e.g. ©, ¢, ¥, etc.

    From a Microsoft Application like Word or Outlook, Click on Insert followed by Symbol and then you will have accents that match the font you are using.
  • Thank you kindly for this post, I have been looking for this!
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