Barefoot to Timbuktu

Une histoire a taille humaine, de bonte de coeur, de perseverance et d'amour... Emilie Aebi, une de mes tres cheres amies, a ete mariee a un explorateur Ernst, ils se sont rencontre a Arouane au milieu du desert du Sahara avec pour mission impossible de sauver ce village qui menacait de disparaitre de la carte. Un de leur amis a documente cette histoire magnifique en image et le film qui a deja fait le tour de Suisse (Ernst est Suisse) arrive a New York au Quad la semaine du 12 Fevrier.A ne pas manquer:Araouane, a once prosperous oasis in the middle of the Sahara, chokes beneath encroaching dunes. While traveling with nomads, Ernst Aebi, a New York artist, chances upon a few remaining starving people, former slaves of long departed rulers. Touched by their destitution, he decides to help.Having become prosperous as one of the early loft converters in SoHo, New York’s now fancy artist’s district, he stays three years. He spends a large part of his fortune to revive the oasis. A vegetable garden, a school, a small hotel rise from the sand.Civil war forces Aebi to flee, leaving behind a flourishing community and friends who count the days ‘til his return.Almost twenty years later he manages to find his way back to Araouane despite the region having become a lawless no-man’s land. This is a deeply emotional voyage of hope and desire
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