Advanced fall translation courses at Montclair State (NJ)

Montclair State University, located 13 miles west of Manhattan, is offering the following translation courses in the fall, several available via synchronous or asynchronous delivery. The fall 2022 semester runs from September 2 to December 20.

FREN350 -- Translation I, Dr. Gorica Lalic

Conducted in French and English. Asynchronous online.

This course covers methods, techniques, and problems involved in translating from French into English, and English into French. It integrates theory and skill building with content that covers (but is not limited to) the following five disciplines: journalism, politics, literature, economics/business, and movie subtitling. Students will receive individual attention, immediate feedback, and intensive mentoring from their professor, greatly accelerating their development. While the course offers authentic practice opportunities, it also examines vocabulary, comparative sentence structure, grammar, and syntax, and how best to communicate ideas and imagery in both languages. Students will also begin their study of translation theory, exploring concepts such as: translation units; borrowing; calque; literal translation; degrees of freedom; translation loss; cultural issues; compensation; and more. 

FREN 521 – Translating, Reading & Culture, Dr. Kathleen Loysen

Conducted in French. Offered in-person with synchronous online option, Tuesdays 5:30-8.

Students will engage in close textual analysis in order to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of various translation approaches. They will also develop their cultural sensibilities so as to be attuned to target audiences’ needs, which vary not only according to geography, but also according to education, gender, age, social background, etc. Bringing this cultural awareness into close contact with textual analysis and awareness of genre, students will then develop their proficiency in translating across genres and areas of specialization, paying attention to textual purpose, generic conventions, specialized jargons, etc. Students will be sensitized to how cultural issues influence the task of translation. Students will combine theoretical readings on the issue of the interaction of culture, linguistics, and translation with textual/translation analyses organized around thematic units.

FREN 523: Translation Workshop II: Medical Interpreting in the Community, Prof. Rocio Txabarriaga

Conducted in French and English. Synchronous online, Thursdays 5:30-8:00 

This online course offers students the tools to build essential spoken language conversion skills, relevant knowledge of medical subjects, and professional protocol and ethics. It enables students to prepare for work as on-site or remote interpreters in community-based settings that include medical offices, hospitals, and clinics. Students will learn techniques to sharpen their listening skills and enhance their short-term memory, as well as basic interpreting abilities such as shadowing and note-taking. Practice will include the most common delivery modes, such as consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, as well as terminology-building exercises.

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