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French with Luc

Private and semi private French conversation tutorials in person in Manhattan or via Skype or Faceflow. Study French from the comfort of your home. Established 1986. Fun and friendly and experienced native teacher.

Free Mot du Jour. Please contact me at

Excellent References.

After many failed attempts to find the right fit for me to develop my French language skills, I finally met Luc and things have never been better. We use a book as a guideline but Luc brings a multitude of other tools to facilitate my comprehension as well as my speaking skills. I am having a great time and improving my skills.
-Kris Hicks

Luc is a terrific teacher...focused, flexible and smart. He gets what your goals are and works with you to reach them. And it's fun! (It's true!)
-Laurie Goldberger

Luc Georges is a man who knows his language inside and out. And knows how to teach it too. While other teachers are content to drill and correct, Luc will have you fall in love with the history and romance of the French tongue. I have never been so entertained by a language instructor or learned so well. He truly embodies Horace's ideal for learning: docere et delectare, to lead and to delight!
-Donna Brodie

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