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  • Hi Léa!  My son won't be starting kindergarten until Fall 2013.  I can't afford to take time off this Monday to come to the school but I would love to come to any other event or meet with the principal to express my interest in the dual language program! Let me know what I can do support the program.


    Kara Angèle

  • Well, I will say that if my daughter turned 4 yrs 9 mos in Sept 2011, I'd be signing up now. Also, I am moving into the city so she can attend a school with a dual language Fr/Eng program and Williamsburg is first on my list.
  • Thank you, Lea. I will call PS 110 tomorrow. What grade will the Fr/Eng program run through?




  • Hello again, Lea,


    Since I can't make the 7th due to jury duty and my daughter will only be 3 in Sept 2011, would it be possible to come another day? We are visiting Mini Maternelle in Brooklyn on the 16th at 9:20am. Would it be possible to visit the school that day?? My daughter is still too young for the Pre-K at PS 84 also, but I am very serious about the dual language program and we are moving into the city this summer specifically for this reason. Thanks and hopefully 20 families will sign up!

  • I am interested, but have jury duty on the 7th...
  • Hello Lea,
    I'm not so comfortable with all those different groupes.. But we are interested in this dual language program. Are you meeting with the group sometimes?
    Thanks to let me know.. A bientot j'espere
  • Hi Lea!
    Hope you are well! Pregnancy is going very well! 7 1/2 weeks to go!
    We ought to do a dinner or grab a drink soon!
    Best, Jessica
  • une photo, une photo, une photo
    tu peux aussi inviter les parents de williamsburgh a nous joindre et creer un groupe
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