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  • I need a job either in electronic field as Electronics technician or Biomedical technician.
  • Bonjour, I am not that comfort to write in French as I do in English. pardon :). Anyway, I am Moroccan and I am thinking to move to NY area to find a job. I am holder an Electronics and Biomedical technician diploma as well. without doubt, you know how much the personnel network is very significant and helpful to get a job. I am looking for an opportunity to start my carrier and my life. I don't mind to start doing whatever kind of work in the beginning.
    my question is : are you willing to help me?
    If you have any question just let me know.
    thanks anyway for your time and hope to read your lines soon.
  • Salima: Ravit de faire ta connaissance. Je constate que tu vives toi aussi à NY? Voici mes coordonnés: (718)843-6510 (Bureau+portabe). Email

    Serait encore ravit de te lire. Bonne journée.
  • Bonjour, comment ca va?.. Ca me fait plaisir de vous envoyer ce petit mot comme votre nom me dit beaucoup.. et me fait penser a Fes.. Oh comme ca me manque !!! : ) lol
    Je vous souhaite un bon debut de semaine,
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