"Green Connection" contest

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the 2012 "Green Connection" contest, dedicated this year to the theme of forest protection and conservation. Started in 2011 by the Cultural Services Department of the Embassy of France, the "Green Connection" program challenges American high school students to think about the biggest environmental issues of the 21st century and then submit individual proposals for local or personal environmental protection initiatives. Each proposal must be submitted in the form of a short audiovisual presentation (video clip).
Students with the best proposals will be invited to participate in an all-expense-paid educational trip to France from July 2nd to July 13th, 2012.

In order to encourage students to enter the "Green Connection" contest, we invite science teachers and teachers of French to offer one or more activities on the theme of forest protection and conservation. The GoodPlanet Foundation, partner of the "Green Connection 2012," has provided a number of online resources to help teachers increase student awareness about forest conservation, including:
- The film Of Forest and Men (7 mn)
- The 20 posters of the educational exhibition dedicated to the forest:  The Forest: a Living Community
- A digital version of the book Of Forests and Men
- The photos presented for the exhibition Of Forests and Men
This material is adaptable to a variety of teaching approaches and pedagogical activities, depending on the needs of the science or French class in question. These activities will offer students the chance to answer the following questions:
- What is a forest?
- Why are forests threatened?
- How can we act now to protect our forests for the future?
All schools that submit student proposals to the contest will receive the 20 posters of the educational exhibition dedicated to the forest:  The Forest: a Living Community and  a copy of and the book accompanying the exhibition Of Forests and Men.
Detailed information about the "Green Connection 2012" is available in the attached file. You are also welcome to view the video proposals from last year's contest and video from the prize winners' trip to Paris and La Rochelle.

Green Connection.pdf

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