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I would like to create a ning platform where students here could exchange and make friends with students in Francophone countries, write blogs, post videos, chat, etc. But, to make it work I need a group of motivated teachers who are willing to commit their time, energy and expertise into this adventure. We can start small of course. This platform can be launched at no dollar cost so that students from all backgrounds and all countries can join. Of course there is a minimum requirement of getting access to the internet which, for many students, is still an impossible thing to do. But if schools are interested, no matter where, I am sure that benefactors will bring their support into this initiative. Would you be interested in such an adventure? Any thoughts on this idea?

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  • Nous sommes en correspondance depuis un an avec un collège du XIII qui va venir passer une dizaine de jours parmi nous au printemps. Depuis le début, nous aurions bien aimé nous parler sur Skype, mais malheureusement les heures ne correspondent jamais. Ceci dit, j'aimerais bien rentrer en contact avec une école au Québec. A bientôt!
  • I would be very interested in this. I had already thought of initiating contact with schools in Martinique/Guadeloupe (where I have created an exchange program) and even Haiti (where I know the founder of a school). I would have no difficulty in accessing technology from my end (Locust Valley, NY), but I was concerned about supplying the students abroad with adequate technology. The kids in the D.O.M.'s are in pretty good shape, but we would have to supply the Haitian school with laptops.
  • I've been giving some thought to the safety issue and I think we can put filters on a ning to the point that only the teachers involved can invite people.
  • I would definitely be willing to participate in this project. It's a great idea and I'm sure it would be of interest to students. My concern would be how we could monitor it for their safety. That would also be a priority for administration. This is something that I've always been interested in, but the safety factor has always been an issue.

    A friend of mine has also done teleconferences. It's difficult because of the time differnce, but a meeting could be set once a month for a specific time where both classes could be on line. It's great for the classes to "see" each other over the computer.
  • I would be interested in getting some of my students "connected" to penpals in Francophone countries next year. I feel that I have some students who would be more interested in others - maybe 10-15. At M.S. 22, a real focus is being putting on technology right now and I hope to have enough computers available with Internet access to undertake such an adventure next year - as well as getting the parents on board as you have requested.
    I think taking the language and using it as a real communication tool (as it should be) will make learning much more authentic and rewarding for my students.
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