Simonet Productions is developping an innovative approach to online advertising, one that combines high quality video with original storytelling ideas. When watching our videos, viewers will not only be drawn into the content, but they will also have a firm desire to enjoy firsthand the content they are experiencing.

Our short movies travel to the heart of our clients' business, not only by narrating its history and interviewing the owner, but also by revealing the location, overall atmosphere and interesting points of activity. All within the space of two minutes! Given the current media based environment in which we live, we firmly believe that it is in every businesses' desire to have such a video highlighting who they are and what it is they do.

Simonet Productions is a creative, dynamic and independent production company based in New York City. We adapt our shoots to the clients' needs, taking into consideration the type of business they are, whether trendy restaurant, real estate property or medical office. No video is alike. All are unique.

Thanks to our videos, our clients will be able to provide a window through which their prospective clients will be able to look and experience who it is they are.

For more info:!/SimonetProd


Richaud Valls – Producer and Artistic Director - (646) 255 4365

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