Looking for French tutor and a French babysitter

I am looking for two positions. First, I am looking for a weekly tutor for my 2.5 and 4.5 year old daughters who understand French but do not speak it. Second, I am looking for a part time babysitter for the months of July and Aug - from 8:30-12 or so M-F. If you have any questions please email me at tiapezon@gmail.com. Both persons should be fluent in French.


Thank you!


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  • My name is Jennifer. I'm French, 28 years old. I have been living in New York for 2 years now and I am completely fluent in American English. I already taught American students in the past, both in New York and in France.

    I'm available for tutoring everyday after 6:30pm, Wednesdays after 3pm, and on Saturdays.

    My email is jbourne.nyc@gmail.com

    Thank you!
  • J'ai organise un french summer camp pour les enfants


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    Camp de vacances en français

    pour enfants de 3-4 ans

    Juillet & Août 2011


    Ce camp de vacances est ouvert aux enfants de Pre-K âgés de 3 et 4 ans, petite et moyenne sections de maternelle.


    Il aura lieu à l’Ecole Internationale de New York située à 111 East 22nd Street, entre Park et Lexington Avenue, métro ligne 6.


    Ce camp est destiné aux enfants de langue française. Ils auront l’opportunité d’apprendre, de jouer et de parler avec d’autres enfants francophones au cours de différentes activités tels que le chant, les arts, les travaux manuels et le jeu ainsi que des activités plus physiques comme la danse et la gymnastique.


    Deux professionels français présenteront une myriade d’activités au groupe d’enfants inscrits. Ils parleront français pendant chaque session.


    Il est composé de deux sessions, la première se fait sur deux semaines et la deuxième session sur trois semaines. Il est aussi possible d’assister aux deux sessions pour une durée totale de cinq semaines.



    • Première session: du 20 au 30 juin, du lundi au jeudi (6 matinées), de 9h00 à midi)
    • Deuxième session: du 18 juillet au 4 août, du lundi au jeudi

    (9 matinées), de 9h00 à midi)



    • Première session:             350$ pour 2 semaines, 6 matinées (collations et materiel inclus)
    • Deuxième session:             540$ pour 3 semaines, 9 matinées (collations et matériel inclus)
    • Les 2 sessions:             890$ pour 5 semaines, 15 matinées (collations et matériel inclus)


    Nombre maximum d’enfants par session: 10

    * Toutes les activités artistiques seront assistées par Brigitte Saint-Ouen, artiste professionnelle.




    Brigitte Saint-Ouen

    Tél: 212-780-0932

    Email: FrenchPG@32finearts.com

  • Hi Tia,


    My name is Assa, I am a native french speaker.

    I work as a french tutor with 3 kids of 2 different families ( a 1.5 year old boy , a 5 year old boy and his 2 year old sister ).

    I have a lot of patience and work great with kids of young age.

    I am available Mon., Tue. and Wed. mornings if it works for you.


    Don't hesitate to contact me for further details on my work. My email is assa.sissoko@yahoo.com


    Assa Sissoko


  • La Petite Ecole
    A French-American & Contemporary Arts Preschool
  • You may be interested to hear about a wonderful school called La Petite Ecole on the UWS of Manhattan. They are doing a French summer camp that will be a French wonderland for ages 2.5 to 5 years old.  It is all French all the time with a loving, nurturing teacher and it is wildly creative!

    Their website is lpeny.com

  • hello
      I speak french very very well in J have a lisence litairature French manager and I love children for more information I took you to contact me on my address emeil "nadiachabakh@gmail.com" thank you
  •  this may interest you for this summer


    French summer camp for toddlers


    We are offering a half-day summer camp for children entering Pre-K and Jr-K (Age 3 to 4 years old). The camp will be held at The EINY at 111 E. 22nd St. (between Park Ave and Lexington Ave).


    This camp has been designed for any French-speaking toddler. This half-day camp is an ideal opportunity for your kids to learn, play and speak with fellow French speaking children. Activities include songs, arts & crafts, games and various physical activities (ballet and gymnastics)


    There are two sessions including one two week session and one three week session. There is the option to combine both sessions for a total of five weeks.


    Session 1: June 20th-June 30th (M-Th 9am-12pm)

    Session 2: July 18th- August 4th(M-Th 9am-12pm)

    Session 3: June 20th- June 30th and July 14th-August 4th


    Session 1: 2 weeks $350 (includes snacks and supplies)  

    Session 2: 3 weeks $540 (includes snacks and supplies)

    Session 3: 5 weeks $890 (includes snacks and supplies)

    *Class size is limited to ten students per session only.

    **All art classes with be accompanied by Brigitte Saint-Ouen


    If you are interested in registering your child for this unique opportunity, please contact Brigitte Saint Ouen at


     212 780 0932 or email at frenchpg@32finearts.com


     also this is a invitation for famous french book PETIT PRINCE

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    Story Time & Art Exhibition


    Petit Prince


    Story time comes alive with an English orator sharing the famous story of "Petit Prince of Saint Exupery."

    The reading will be accompanied by a window exhibition of works by acclaimed artist,

    Danielle Le Briquir.


    When:  April 9th, 2PM

          April 16th, 2PM


    Where: Boutique Petit Bateau

    1094 Madison Ave. (at 82nd St.)


    Cost:    Free


    Who:    Children ages 3-7 


    Registration by contacting Brigitte Saint-Ouen 212.780.0932   petitbateau@32finearts.com


  • Dear Tia,


    Un Petit Monde can help! We are the first network of students and young professionals offering family services (baby-sitting, tutoring, event planning,..) in French in New York. 


    Feel free to discover our world at www.unpetitmonde.org and to contact us at unpetitmondenyc@gmail.com




    Jessica Schinazi

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