Hi there!

My name is Thomas, I'm 29 and I'm French. I live in Southern France for now, near Marseille.

I'll be in NYC from September 14th to December 2nd, for a language program. I'm lookin for a short term rental.

I'm lookin for a roommate, boy or girl, in Manhattan cause I'll take english courses in a school close to Grand Central Station. Pets are OK. English courses will be on mornings or afternoons, 4 hours a day, 16hours a week. Brooklyn is an option too but I don't know anything about the transportation, the subway lines so I try to make my trip the more "simple" it can be...

I'm calm, mature, easy livin, open minded, neat, responsible but I can be fun too and I'm lookin for the same. My possible roommate doesn't have to necessarily become a friend but beein respectful to each other is very important, I mean cleaning the bathroom, the kitchen etc. I'm French so I'm not fluent in English yet, sometimes I don't always understand all the words, please be patient :-)

I'm a smoker (cigarettes only) but I don't smoke inside my apartment here in France, it'll be the same in NYC. I'm gay, my roommate can be straight, gay or everythin in between, that's really not important. I can adapt to everyone.

I need a furnished room, with high speed internet access. I'm a freelance in France, I work from home ( articles writing, personal assistant, data profesional and other things) and I'll continue to work for my French clients while I'm in NYC.


Don't hesitate to contact me if you have further questions, I'd be glad to answer!


As a French, that would be great to have a roommate interested in French culture or who want to improve his/her French. That could be a plus, though it's not a must.


Thank you



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  • Un apartement a Bushwick, Brooklyn vous interesse?

    Nous sommes actuellement a la recherche d'1 ou 2 roommates pour une grande chambre illuminee dans notre appartement de 3 bedrooms. 2 colocataires super vont rester dans l'apartement.

    Located 20 min. from Lower Eastside Manhattan with the J train (Gates Ave stop) or L train (Myrtle-Wykoff stop) at walking distance. J'y ai logee pendant 2 ans. Je demenage dans le meme quartier a Kosciousko street. La communaute est super. Eco Station (qui organise farmers market 3 fois par semaine, 2 grands jardins communautaires, des community events comme earth day etc.) et Palmetto Air art gallery sont dans un loft sur le meme block. Bon, ca depend ce qui vous interesse! Des musiciens mariachi vivent a 2 blocks :).

    Les conditions sont que les nouveaux colocataires prennent en charge le nouveau lease ensemble avec nos anciens roommates. L'appartment est $1700 ou $1800 en total (autour de 600 par chambre) dependant de ce qui le landlord decidera pour le 1er septembre.


    Le mieux est de contacter Yusef et Shira et de venir visiter CE weekend AUGUST 20/21 ou Lundi comme les decisions doivent etre prises pour la semaine prochaine.


    Voici les coordonnees:




    Je reste a votre disposition pour plus de questions.

    Best wishes.

    eva lou

    C'est Rennert school ou tu iras pour ton cours d'anglais? C'est proche de grand central. J'y ai fait le tesol certificate course en aout dernier. j'ai fait les 45-50min de transport tous les jours de ce meme appartement.

    • PS. une des 2 petites chambres serait dispo aussi si vous ne voudriez pas de grande chambre. Dans ce cas la le prix baisse et l'autre roommate reste dans la grande chambre. A voir avec eux! appellez Yusef. peace
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