Alambrista !

If you get Showtime, a film that I did many moons ago has been playing pretty consistently this past month, ( I just found out about it now) it's called Alambrista! and it's about migrant labor. It was the first film to win La caméra d'or in Cannes. It still holds up pretty well.On Showtime Women01/10/10 at 4:30 PMOn Showtime Women01/13/10 at 5:00 PMOn Showtime Women01/16/10 at 10:00 AM

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  • What ? You did movies ? Je ne savais pas !!!!! Je vais voir le film !!!!

    A vendredi.

    • Je vais t'envoyer une liste.

      J'attends avec impatience vendredi; reunir, recommencer !

      Vivre Le Club Théâtre!

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