Practice and improve your French and meet like-minded people.
If you are interested in francophone cultural activities, events, tours and trips, and more... Come and join us!
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Une réunion pour débutants... venez nous joindre!

If you want to improve your conversational / beginner's French... then this is for you!
If you understand French pretty well, but you can hardly speak, then this is for you!
If you are shy and are afraid to speak, then this is for you too!

We have fun at our get togethers. Members get to speak and learn simple sentences, and new words. We have a very friendly and interesting group of people.

Alors venez papoter et vous amuser avec nous.
Come and join us... let's chat in French and have a wonderful time.
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A bientôt,

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  • Bonjour Tous!
    I live in Passaic County NJ (just over the border from Bergen County ;-) but we have a home in Olive Bridge, NY...Just over the mountain from you Lynn! Small world!
    I'm a full time Native/Bilingual voice over artist (
    I also take care of my 92 year old wheelchair bound I don't get out that much...yeah, pretty much live online!
    Mais...c'est la vie!
    Alors, je suis ravie de faire partie de ce group!

  • Si vous habitez à Rockland, Westchester, Orange Counties et Bergen County, NJ, et si vous desirez rencontrer des francophones et francophiles, venez à notre prochaine réunion DIMANCHE le 12 JUILLET 2009 à 14:30h.
    Niveau de conversation: interm/avancé.

    Pour tous détails, cliquez ici:

  • Je vous envoie un message Patricia.
  • I live in Warwick NY and Own an alpaca farm everybody is welcome.
    845 986 3031
    A bientot
  • Bonjour Lynn,
    Vous pouvez joindre notre groupe en cliquant sur ce lien:
    et sur "join this group".
    A bientôt j'espère. Greta
  • Bonjour, J'aimerais bien faire partie de ce groupe. J'habite à Stone Ridge NY. Je suis professeur de français 1-5. J'adore tous les niveaux. Lynn Gore
  • Bonjour à toutes et à tous!

    Joignez-vous à nous et pratiquez votre français à différents niveaux.
    Faites connaissance de personnes qui ont les mêmes intérêts que vous,
    dans une atmosphère sympathique et agréable.

    Ce groupe est pour les francophones qui habitent dans le Hudson Valley
    et pour nos proches voisins de Bergen County, NJ et CT.

    Express yourself in French, in a relaxed atmosphere among new friends and let’s have fun.

    We will meet twice per month at beginner/intermediate and advanced levels.
    Of course, native speakers are welcome.

    For more details, click on: Website:
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Do you want to speak French?Do you live in the lower Hudson Valley? In Rockland, Westchester, Orange or Bergen Counties?Check this out:This French Language & Culture Meetup is for youif you would like to practice and improve your French and meet like-minded people.if you are interested in francophone cultural activities, events, tours and trips.if you enjoy making new friends and having fun together on a regular basis.if you enjoy French food and if you want to express your joie de vivre.Come…

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