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  • Bonjour,

    Est-ce que ce forum est toujours en activité? Je suis aussi juriste français à NY.

    A bientôt!

  • does anybody know how to get in contact with maitre verges since he is m idol and one of my favorite lawyer. i will love to attend one ofhis lecture or conferences.
  • Sure, here's a great question. How can you practice in New York without being admitted here?
  • I am a French lawyer in NYC and member of the California bar . If anyone has questions about bar exams in America , let me know

    Horace Cavalero
  • Thank you so much!
  • htttp://
  • Hi Robert and thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, I cannot see any link on your message.. Could you please send it to me again? Thanks

  • What a foul-up.

    The link that did not get printed below was

    Let's try again:
  • Marie-Julie,

    New York is not a "unified bar" state and therefore membership in the New York State Bar Association is not a requirement to practice law. For a detailed description of all the many requirements to be admitted to practice here, take a look at

    You should be aware that even if you pass the bar exam and gain admission, you still cannot work here without the necessary visa.

    If you have any other question, send me a connect request here and then we can correspond privately.

  • Thanks Edith! I would be delighted to meet you when you're over. Happy Christmas to you and your family. Marie-Julie
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