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Creating a French Program - When motivated Parents can make a Difference

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  • I will need a sub for an Afterschool K-1 French class on Monday 3:30 - 5 at a public school on the upper west side. Please contact me at nicoleflender@hotmail.com if you are interested. well paid. fall 2012

  • there is a group French in Willyburg on this ning
  • Hello,
    We would be interested in a dual program in Wiliamsburg.
    Our daughter Stella is starting Kindergarden in september at PS 84. She is bilingual. How to make it happen?
  • I would love to start a French Dual Language Program (or take the one I have into the schools) for younger bilingual kids and youth.
    The immersion is done through theatre texts and film scrips... even video games...
    So that it becomes accessible and immediately usable for a younger audience.
    Please feel free to contact me with ideas and requests.
  • Possible opening of French Dual Language Program in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Check out the French in Willyburg Group.
  • Create a french program, et découvrez le plaisir, d'entendre vos anciens élèves se retrouvant de nouveau dans votre classe mais en France cette fois, partager naturellement le langage de la cour d'école et de leurs mots à la mode... Que du bonheur!
    C'est ce que j'ai connu à la suite du French immersion program expérimental du MAE, dont j'avais la charge en 2001, jusque 2003 .... En 2007, de retour en France , j'ai reçu 2 de mes anciens élèves (Sam et Erica, que j'avais eus en immersion complète KF puis 1st grade aux USA), dans mon CM2 français, pour un mois.
    A l'époque, le film "Brice de Nice" venait de faire évoluer le langage de nos élèves français... il n'a pas fallu 2 jours pour que nos invités américains, réinvestissent avec facilité le "Casséééé!" à chaque but marqué à la récré par la "Soccer Queen" face à ceux qui doutaient que les Américains puissent jouer au vrai foot! A quand les programmes d'échanges à la suite des programmes d'immersion? ( Allez Fab, tu vas trouver une solution ....)
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Opening of a New French Track at Hunter College School of Education

Dear Francophone teachers and friends,   Many of you have expressed great interest in teaching in French dual language programs.  We wish to announce that the faculty at Hunter College School of Education plans to add a French track to its Bilingual Education programs.    Based in New York City, Hunter College has offered the Master’s in Bilingual Education for Spanish-speaking teacher-candidates since 1983, as well an a bilingual extension for those who already hold New York State teacher…

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Middle Country School District has abruptly decided to eliminate its French Program.   We found out about these cuts by reading Sunday’s Newsday (2/6/11).http://www.newsday.com/long-island/education/state-number-of-failin...  We need your help to let them know how valuable French is in the world and to ask them to reconsider cutting the program.   The French program at Middle Country has a consistent record of !00% passing on the Regents.  For a school that is on the list of failing schools,…

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Celebrate the opening of a French-English dual language program @ PS84 in Brooklyn! Oct 22 & 24

Dear Parents,We are so excited to share this wonderful news with you!PS84 in Williamsburg will open a French-English dual language program next September 2010.A meeting for parents is scheduled on Thursday, October 22 at 6pm at the school + wine and cheese reception offered by the French Embassy. Come and check out this new program!A screening of a French cartoon + snacks offered by the French Embassy is scheduled on Saturday, October 24 at 11:00am. Bring your kids!We now need your help, please…

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