• Just wanted to say that I think it makes the most sense to try to set up a middle-school DLP in districts other than 15, so we won't be constrained by the restriction of not being able to select for language abilities. Am personally in favor of MS915, because my own kid was assigned this school! But the school is also located in such a way that it should be pretty easy for even district 15 french speakers to get there if they want to apply. I don't know anything about the principal though, or if he/she would be interested.  

  • Is there anyone on this list from PS 20?   Wondering where the DLP kids from there were placed. 

  • Yes; MS 8 has been renamed it is now MS 915
  • I also heard great things about Arts & Letter. MS 8 may be another good option.

  • I agree those are, Arts and Letters has little room to accept other students, MS915 may have more room and then do not have a language program at all.

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