IS 318 - District 14

Just wanted to add IS 318 to the list as a possible location for a middle school DLP?  I know that the building is under capacity by about 400 students right now, and the administration has been open to offering French in the past.  It's a great school with a lot of resources, and is right on the G / J / M / Z lines.

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    • Just fyi I think if you didn't get the invite, maybe call 318 to ask if you can come to the meeting?  I don't want to get in trouble for inviting more people ;-)

    • Will let them know. thanks.

    • There will be 12 children represented on Monday from PS 110.  I don't know about PS 20, that's why I posted to this group to find out...are any of those parents on this discussion board?

    • Christina, is there an email address or phone number where I can contact you if you don’t mind? Would like to chat before this meeting if possible, thanks
    • Sure shoot me an email at, I'm on the phone all day so email would be best!  Otherwise I'd have time to talk mid-afternoon tomorrow at 917.992.5142.

    • Apologies. I am in the hospital since the graduation. I won't be able to attend themeeting.  keep fighting. It's never over.please keep us posted

    • Hi Fabrice, sorry to hear that. Hopefully nothing serious. Please get better soon.

    • Fabrice, I am so sorry, please feel better soon!  We'll keep everyone updated. 

    • Echoing Mallorie, PS58 graduates very interested in the continuation of the DLP program. Let us know and ready to help and support the initiative!
      Thank you
    • Hi!

      Do you think this would be for Sept 2019?



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