IS 318 - District 14

Just wanted to add IS 318 to the list as a possible location for a middle school DLP?  I know that the building is under capacity by about 400 students right now, and the administration has been open to offering French in the past.  It's a great school with a lot of resources, and is right on the G / J / M / Z lines.

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    • Hello Fabrice

      Any news since last week? Did this meeting happen? Thanks

    • Great thanks for the update, and let us know if you need anything else to support you in any way to build the case.
  • I heard from Anthony Pizzillo re our data on IS318. Here is what he wrote:

    "This is important information for us to know. While I endorse opening a program at IS 318, I do have questions about how this  would impact Superintendent Skop’s plan to open a program at IS 136.  Let’s meet soon with Executive Superintendent Watts and Superintendents Skop and Winnicki. We want to ensure that families are well informed and consider all the options available to them. I’ll get back to you with some possible dates."

    I would like to know how many parents in this group are still considering IS 136.

    • I can't imagine our family being interested in IS 136. The commute by train is over an hour from Greenpoint and with transfers it would be a nightmare for young middle school kids. I would have to see what the final plan was before I could make that decision but it isn't ideal.

    • Same for PS58: no one interested in IS136 at this point; Skop needs to know that not to block any other project elsewhere,
    • I can't see any parents from PS 110 entertaining that option, looks like it's 1hr 20min away using public transport.  I think they would be looking at 2 completely different subsets of students; one program shouldn't preclude the other...

    • I've polled the parents of the graduating class of PS 133 (34 kids) and so far, no one is interested in IS 136.

      We had a couple parents who went to the IS 136 informational session.  They feeling they got, after hearing from school leaders about this at the very end of the meeting, was that it was a bit of a long shot.  25 kids is a lot to ask.   Indeed, it's hard  to gauge just how seriously Ms Skop is in that 136 program when she sent news of it to PS 58 families and no one else.   Parents at 133 only heard of it when parents at 58 shared that email with us.   When Ms Skop did communicate with PS 133, it was the day before the deadline to appeal. 

      I started a google doc at our school so we can get a better handle on these requests for new programs.   I know where kids were placed but not who is appealing, looking, moving. etc.  

      Mostly, our parents are still waiting to hear what happened to the BHS admissions.  Why dd they tell 10-year-old kids they were going to do one thing, and then they did another.     And now they want our kids to commit to something even more vague?   That's a tough ask. 

      It's encouraging that Anthony Pizzillo wants to get people together and ensure that families are well informed.   Maybe parents can be in on that meeting.  

      I do appreciate you making the best out of the situation we've been handed, Fabrice.  My frustration is with the DOE.  

  • I heard from a parent who helped create the DLP at PS20 that many families from PS20 were offered IS318. Both his kids attend/will attend the school. 

    With the numbers from PS110 and PS58 I count at least 22 families who would be interested by IS318 if it offered a DLP in September. This is a good number and I am sure it can grow once we communicate about this.

    I have asked Superintendent Watts and Winnicki for a meeting at the school so that we can all get the necessary reassurances and hear the vision. 

    I also heard from a couple of potential teachers.


    • That is amazing news, thanks for the update!!  Any chance they are realistically entertaining the idea of making it an IB program as well?

    • No one said no so far. It is my understanding that they are doing some research on feasibility. Although no one has experience with the IB in D14, Superintendent Watts is knowledgeable and helped start the IB at BHS. 

      I assume the Middle Year Program would be complex to implement within a large school such as IS318, and quite expensive too. It is probably too much to expect from the staff to offer us both a DLP and IB in the first year. But the Middle Year Program is a preparation. The actual IB Diploma is taken in High School. This needs to be part of the equation. Still, if this moves forward, there will be plenty of opportunities for this group to help the school.

      Here is where to find more information:

      Middle Years Programme (MYP)
      Learn more about the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP): preparing students aged 11-16 to become creative, critical and reflect…
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