IS 318 - District 14

Just wanted to add IS 318 to the list as a possible location for a middle school DLP?  I know that the building is under capacity by about 400 students right now, and the administration has been open to offering French in the past.  It's a great school with a lot of resources, and is right on the G / J / M / Z lines.

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  • PS 110 parent meeting at IS 318 update:

    Yesterday, 9 PS 110 parents whose 10 children have been admitted to IS 318 met with Principal Windley, Superintendent Alicia Winnicki, and Elsa Nunez (District Field Support Liaison).  In the meeting, they all signaled their support of a dual language program at 318, which was great news, but said that we got started a little late.  They didn't really like to hear that we had been planning to go out of D14, but in the absence of a D14 DLP middle school, not sure what else we were supposed to be doing.  Ms. Winnicki did make it clear that she is doing this only for D14; she did not want to talk about the D13 kids that I brought up in the meeting and was only talking about the kids that have already made a commitment to 318.  More lobbying can be done on this separately, I think.  Any District 13 parents with children that are already committed to 318 for this coming school year should definitely communicate with Principal Windley.

    They agree that we need a continuation for middle school.  They tried this 2 years ago with an earlier class of PS 110 students, but parents didn't feel it was executed well (offered as a single level after school program, the beginner level overtook the advanced level and so the DLP kids all dropped out) so the program didn't move forward. 

    We have more interest this year, but at the end of the day, it will still take a year to prepare and find teachers with the necessary content certifications plus dual language extension.  We will begin with an afterschool French program for 6th grade, but they will offer different levels so that the DLP kids will remain engaged.  The principal has identified a substitute teacher currently on staff for the past 2.5 years who may be able to teach the afterschool program.

    The goal is to begin in their 7th grade year offering Social Studies in French, plus a French elective during the school day.  Social Studies involves Socratic seminars (debate) and other presentations that would lend themselves well to conversations in French.  They also see an opportunity to use French in STEM classes, and for the kids to demonstrate what they've learned in French (think French science fair, etc.)

    What we need:  

    • 30 kids for a class
    • New teacher will need a partner, they're going to visit BHS to see how they implemented DLP as it will look very different in middle school vs. elementary school.
    • Potential intern from France to assist during school day
    • Information on grants, teacher recommendations/help finding quality teachers  
    • A way to make sure the teacher understands how to teach literacy in French, which is very different than how literacy is taught in English.

    Fabrice, can you / the embassy help out with this? 

    Other parents please chime in if I missed anything!

    • Yes, I can help with all this and I will once I am fully recovered. Also, for families in D15 and D13 I think what Alicja is trying to tell us is to go hush-hush and work it directly with the principal. She can't be seen as stealing families from her colleagues.

  • Super exciting!
    They didn’t reach out to ps58 families
    Normal I guess they first want to see if any interest in their current students.
    Pls let them know that should they proceed, many other families, mainly from D13 at least, would be interested to join for sure to complete the classroom and make the program viable for sure!
    Thanks and pls keep us posted
    • I am in D13 and my son is at 133, the commute isn't going to work fo rush, 30 minutes of commute with 2 subways.

    • We absolutely will!

  • All, a heads-up that all the PS110 parents with kids going to IS 318 just received an invitation to come to 318 to discuss a French DLP on Monday morning at 9am!  Have any other parents from other schools received a similar invite?  Fabrice, are you aware of the meeting and will you be attending? 

    We will give an update here after the meeting...very exciting!

    • Hi all, how was the meeting this morning pls?
    • Hi Christina, one of the parents at 133 is interested in the possibility of a French program at 318 and would love to contact 318 to see if she can join the meeting on Monday, do you have a contact to forward me, you can do so via my email if you would like,
    • Christina, how many kids from PS110 DLP are going to IS318 and therefore received this invite?

      Just to have an idea

      I also heard 3 kids from PS20 DLP got in IS318; I hope these families have been invited to, do you know?


    • Hi

      I'm from PS20 and we didn't get the invite, we're only 2 families going there, the appeal for the others didn't work, but I'll reach out to everyone to let them know about the meeting. I know at least one family who is going to 318 would love to be in a DL program.

      Thanks for keeping all of us in the loop.


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