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Many parents brought up the points of eligibility, language screening and priority to DLP students with regard to admission to BHS in 2019. I post it here for this group's information. Comments and clarifications may be added below so that current and future DLP parents understand the situation.



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  • I am surprised that nowhere is D15 acknowledging any of this huge mistake.

    I agree 100% that  DLP families should have priority in appeals to enter BHS and I don't know why D15 is ignoring the fact that they did not updheld their admissions process as stated.I do know that BHS accepted an enormous amount of kids and is unlikely to have any room for Appeal at this point. PS58 families attended a D15 meeting in regards to the diversity plan a couple of weeks ago and D15 said they would still give priority to low income families first in Appeals and when PS58 families shared their discontent they were called racists !

  • So It is very clear that D15 didn’t respect their commitment vis a vis our DLP families
    Anyway we could defend ourselves and try to be prioritized somehow during the appeal process using this argument somehow?
    @fabrice: did you get a chance to discuss this yesterday during your meeting? Thanks
    • I mentioned it, and I could detect a mix of embarrassment and apprehension. Superintendent Watts asked if the students appealing were ELLs (English Language Learners). She also asked me when / if you had heard back from the appeal (she didn't seem to know all the details on this) but at least she knows what's going on now. 

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