• We are from PS58 and we didn't get another offer in the appeal round ...

    • I heard and I may be wrong but PS 321, PS 118, PS 39, PS 107 no one a these schools got an after from their appeal.

      this seems very very strange almost rigged. Why would they offer an appeal if none is granted at all ?

      Some of us at PS 133 are sending a letter to the DOE requesting transparency on the lottery, we have a draft letter that I am happy to share with you, you can send me an email at


    • This is a complete masquerade!

    • No one at BNS either

      same for kids who were given a choice that wasn't even on their list.

  • We didn't get any of our appeal choices, either. I had spoken to some of the schools in advance and they all said they had no seats open at all.

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