Hi, I am posting for a French Speaking nanny with more than 20 years experience! She did it all, newborn, twins,toddlers...

Yvonne is an amazing nanny. I know her through my school as I have seen her taking care of 3 different children. She is patient, loving and completely involved in the lives of the little ones she takes care of.

As a teacher I have been impressed by her professionalism seeing how even when no one is watching she is still doing an amazing job with the children in her care.

Having met her employers I know that she has stellar references.

If you are looking for a full time nanny do contact her. She will be available end of June as the family she is working with is leaving New York to move to California.. Her phone number is 646 667 5051 and her name is Yvonne.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questtions about her.My name is Magda 347 263 6404.

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