The Pavillon d'Art Contemporain in Paris has a permanent branch in Manhattan, at 137 Grand Street, 2nd Floor, between Lafayette and Crosby.Phone: 646-329-5131, open Tuesdays to Saturdays, 2-6pm or by appointment.We're looking for a Sales Representative to contact Artists and Art Galleries in New York, and offer them the opportunity to take part in our Art shows and Exhibitions in New York, London, Paris and Shanghai.For more details, call me in Paris on 01133145447287, or 011662597287 (cell).I'm a Franco-American bilingual Paris-based native New Yorker, translator and interpreter.I come into my hometown - New York - for one-week visits regularly - my next visit being planned sometime around the end of January - early February, 2010.Au plaisir,Jean-Marc

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  • Monsieur,

    Actuellement à la recherche d'un emploi sur New York, je suis très intéressée par votre annonce postée sur le forum de New York in French.
    Je vis actuellement sur Paris mais mon emploi actuel m'a amené à de nombreuses reprises à New York City. Même si ma profession n'est pas dans le milieu culturel et artistique, je suis très attirée par l'art. Ainsi j'ai parmi mes relations à New York de nombreux artistes professionnels, photographe, peintre, producteur de court métrage. Je peux ainsi vous faire bénéficier de ce carnet d'adresse.
    Par ailleurs, je reviens juste d'un séjour de deux semaines à New York où il m'a été permis de rencontrer de nouveau de nombreux artistes.
    J'espère vous rencontrer très prochainement afin d'aborder les termes d'une future collaboration.


    Professional Experience
    BPCE, Paris - March 2007
    Group Internal Auditor
    As one of the front-ranking major French banks, BPCE offers the full range of activities and services associated with commercial and investment banking. This enables the Group to satisfy the needs of every type of clientele.

    A Group Internal Auditor is in charge during all the assignments of the followings:
    - understand the business unit;
    - understand and document allocated process;
    - identify, assess and document risks and controls within these processes;
    - evaluate the design and operating effectiveness of the controls performed;
    - write audit fact sheets including observations and recommendations in order to improve the processes and controls. All fact sheets are discussed with the auditees from the operating employee to the top management of the business unit;
    - support the audit manager in writing the report. The audit report includes the various fact sheets and a business review;
    - update the audit guidelines.

    Coface North America, East Windsor, New Jersey
     Coface North America is a unit of the Coface Group, a world leader in trade-risk management, serving over 100,000 clients in 93 countries worldwide. Leveraging 60 years of experience and a database of 50 million companies, Coface sets the global standard in assessing creditworthiness and protecting companies worldwide against the risk of non-payment.
     Perform the audit of:
    • Credit insurance business unit (review of policy holders, claims);
    • Marketing and communication.
    Natixis US CIB Group, New York City
     Natixis is a key player in the banking sector in France and in Europe, offering services centered around five core businesses: corporate and investment banking, asset management, private equity and private banking, services and receivables management;
     Perform the audit of
    • Structured Finance group (proprietary trading of ABS);
    • Financial Institutions group;
    • Risk Management department.
    Westpeak Global Advisors, Boulder, Colorado
     Westpeak is a registered investment adviser that manages over $3 billion for an internationally recognized client base of corporate pension plans, public funds and insurance companies. Westpeak is also a featured sub-advisor to several highly visible mutual fund companies. This investment technology firm is specialized in quantitative enhanced and alternative equity strategies and seeks to achieve reasonable excess returns for the amount of active risk assumed;
     Perform the audit of the Research, Trading and Portfolio management departments.
    Natixis Bleichroeder, New York City (Apr 2007 – Present)
     Natixis Bleichroeder is a registered broker-dealer that acts as a specialized investment firm;
     Perform the audit of the Research, Fixed Trading, Human Resources and accounting departments.
    Loomis Sayles, Boston, Massachusetts
     Loomis Sayles is an investment advisor that manages $121.8 billion;
     Perform the audit of the compliance and legal department and the fixed income trading department.
    Natixis - Impact and management of the financial markets’ crisis
     Report on the impacts and on the management of the financial crisis within Natixis’ activities.

    Ernst & Young, Paris – 10/2005- 02/2007
    (Ernst & Young is one of the largest professional services firms in the world and one of the Big Four auditors.)

    Public Auditor in Global Financial Services – Bank, Asset Management
    - Scor;
    - AGF Alternative Asset Management;
    - CACEIS;
    - Natixis.
    Job description:
    - analyze the accuracy and security of clients financial records;
    - understand each business’ strengths and vulnerabilities.

    Autorité des Marchés Financiers – French Market Regulator – 03/2005- 10/2005
    Job description :
    - Process of mutual funds approval files (analysis of financial, legal, accounting and fiscal fields);
    - Manage the relationship with the portfolio management company.
    Portfolio management companies I worked with:
    - Crédit Agricole Asset Management;
    - CIC Asset Management;
    - La Française des Placements;
    - La Financière de l’Echiquier.

    HSBC, Paris – 01/2004 – 02/2005
    (HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world. HSBC's international network comprises over 10,000 offices in 83 countries and territories in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa.)

    Middle-Office officer on interest rate structured products
     Control and confirmation of all transactions on interest rate structured and derivative products;
     Centralization and running of structured bonds issues in the HSBC’s EMTN program.

    Global Relationship Manager Assistant – Large aeronautic and telecom companies (Internship)

    Academic Qualifications
     2001 – 2004 Master degree in business and management, Toulouse Management School
    Major: financial markets and banking
     2001 Degree in Economics and Finance, University of Nantes

     LANGUAGES: French – Native; English – Fluent (TOEIC 900/990); Italian (B2)
     INTERESTS: Music (Lyrical singing, Guitar), Fine Arts, Traveling, Reading (Literature), Sports (Jogging, Squash), gastronomy, oenology.


    Anne Malhère
    • Please reply to this ad through private correspondence - email me on, thanks!
      • It seems that your email adress is not the good one as I've got two "failures" as delivery status notification.

  • Bonjour Monsieur JACOT

    Je cherche à retravailler à New York prochainement et effectivement évoluer dans le milieu de l'art serait idéal pour moi.
    Après une formation en Commerce International; j'ai travaillé dans diverses branches telles que agences immobilières établissements bancaires agences de publicité et plus récemment dans l'hôtellerie restauration de renommée internationale ( Maison TROISGROS affiliée Relais & Châteaux 4* ).

    Ainsi je pense avoir des qualités d'accueil; de diplomatie de finesse de prestance intéressantes pour le poste proposé même si l'expérience pratique manque.
    Vous pouvez me contacter au: 0642208478 ou par mail:
    A bientôt
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