Any Francophiles going to see any films at the upcoming Rendezvous with French Cinema at Lincoln Center? Would love to meet fellow NYC Francophiles as crazy about French Cinema as I am. Each year, I go and see between 10-15 films. This year is no exception. Here are the following times/dates of the films that I’ll be attending. Let me know if you’d like to meet up.  I have an extra ticket for Big Picture for free if anyone is interested. 646-279-5686/Miro


Big Picture            03/06/2011 6:15 PM  (I have an extra ticket for this film, so you are welcome to have it)

Deep in the Woods            03/05/2011 6:15 PM            

Free Hands            03/09/2011 8:45 PM            

Happy Few            03/11/2011 6:15 PM            

Living on Love Alone            03/12/2011 6:15 PM            

Long Falling, The            03/05/2011 1:00 PM            

Love Crime            03/06/2011 9:00 PM

Love Like Poison            03/11/2011 9:00 PM            

Mozart's Sister                        03/07/2011 6:15 PM            

Princess of Montpensier            03/04/2011 6:00 PM            

Serie noire            03/08/2011 8:30 PM            

Service Entrance            03/09/2011 6:00 PM            

Sleeping Beauty            03/04/2011 9:15 PM

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